AM News: I Guess We're Stuck With You

image from webmedia.newseum.orgDaley calls on businesses to offer summer jobs to teens Clout St:  Mayor Richard Daley announced today that the City of Chicago will offer 22 percent fewer summer jobs for young people this year because of cuts in federal stimulus funding for the program... Blind: NU Discriminates by Using Google Tribune:  A complaint filed Tuesday with the federal government accuses New York University and Northwestern University of discriminating against blind students by adopting Google e-mail... Rahm Emanuel: Cops, other city workers should live in city - Chicago Sun Times:  Chicago's 92-year-old residency rule for city workers will apparently live on long after Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel takes office... Choosing Chicago's next schools CEO: Terry Mazany Catalyst:  In the coming weeks, we'll post short profiles of those people... Parent trigger law irresponsible, critics say Tribune:  On Tuesday, Parents United for Responsible Education spoke out against the measure, saying it would be too disruptive and could be misused by charter operators.


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  • Timothy Knowles from the University of Chicago will be the next Chief Executive Officer for the Chicago Public Schools!

  • Glad that PURE noticed how the parent trigger can be manipulated. I believe that the LSC is the way to go.

  • In reply to Adele:

    Then why not make sure the rules for the trigger are appropriate? I'd like to see a requirement of a majority of registered voters in that school's district have to vote for change for it to change. Non-voters would be considered votes for the status quo in that case. And the change could go either way--a charter could be converted back to neighborhood by a vote of the people too.

  • Race-to-the-Top, charter wars, merit pay, high stakes testing, selective enrollment -- certainly many lessons about competition for our students when what they really need are lessons about collaboration. Oh well -- the educational winds will inevitably blow in that direction in a few years and several billion dollars.

  • You mean, Julie/PURE is not opposed to democracy when it goes their way, but if there exists a chance that "ignorant" parents may be "co-opted" by evil charter school boosters, Julie/PURE must protect the democratic mob from themselves.

  • You know, not every suburb is a haven for the privileged. You'll find a lot of regular folks in places like Stickney, Berwyn, and Melrose Park. I do come to the city a lot, but mainly for the museums and galleries (and well, the shopping and restaurants). I take the Blue Line when I do (a stop is only blocks from my home), so I guess I wouldn't be impeded by your toll booths!

  • I have to think you are neither a parent nor an LSC member. PURE is a source of real support to both, something you can't count on at CPS's School and Family Relations dept.

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