AM News: Harper High Turnaround Arts Effort

image from webmedia.newseum.orgSudents at Harper High turn Englewood life into art Tribune:  Chicago's first federally funded turnaround school incorporates an arts-based mentoring curriculum to help students talk and create a documentary about life in Englewood -- the good, the bad and the ugly... Ex-CPS art teachers turn anger into an exhibit Tribune:  "It gives us teachers a voice to describe what happened to us," said Sunny Neater-DuBow, a seven-year teacher fired from her job at the Multi Cultural Arts High School...  Lane Tech Asks Public to Support Petition for Academic Center Center Square Journal: he first two attempts ended with CPS failing to act on the proposal, so this time around Lane is taking its case to the public... MORE BELOW Illinois owes U of I $450 million:  The chairman of the University of Illinois Board of Trustees is criticizing the State of Illinois for not paying its bills on time. Chris Kennedy said Tuesday the state owed the university $450 million as of December. He said that unpaid debt damages the entire university's financial outlook... Stunning Income Disparity In Chicago Reporter:  According to data from the 2009 American Community Survey, the average white person in Chicago makes an income of $63,625 a year. Not rich, for sure, but doing pretty well. The average black person is pulling in $28,725 a year, about 45 percent of what the average white person makes... 

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  • Harper is a public school so if it can do then any school can. Also, the article you linked mentioned that transferring of problem students was a tactic used by other principals. Students can be sent to alternative schools and they can be transferred to other schools in order to break up gangs and bully groups.

  • If not, why not? If it's a legal issue, get the gears going to change the law. If it's a principal problem, talk to the head of schools or CAOs. If this is one of the things needed to help schools, everyone should be able to work together.

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