AM News: Emanuel Opposes Vouchers--For Now

image from webmedia.newseum.orgEmanuel Repeats Charter School Claim:  He also repeated his claim that, outside of selective-enrollment schools, the seven best-performing high schools in Chicago are all charters... Vouchers Bubble Up Again Progress Illinois:  "In the case of vouchers, I believe in school choice, but I believe that given limited taxpayer dollars we should be encouraging school choice through the public schools system," Emanuel wrote in a Fox Chicago questionnaire... Ravitch speaks to hundreds of Chicago teachers Catalyst: Diane Ravitch, the education historian and author, told hundreds of Chicago Teachers Union members Saturday they can't let the corporate reformers dismantle the education profession... Lane Tech middle school program closer to reality Tribune:  Officials are hoping the measure could come before the full CPS Board of Education for a vote as early as March 23 to ensure the program is ready to begin this fall... Quinn's school merger idea could boost teacher pay GateHouse Media:  Gov. Pat Quinn's proposal to merge Illinois school districts would trigger a sudden increase in teacher salaries that could reduce or even erase any administrative savings, according to labor and education experts...  

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  • From the Sun Times, Feb. 27, 2011, here are the top 15 schools in the Chicago area, including suburbs. Not one is a charter.

    Chicago Area Rank
    1 Northside*
    2 Payton*
    3 New Trier Twp
    4 Young* Chicago
    5 Deerfield
    6 Hinsdale Central
    7 Glenbrook North
    8 Adlai E Stevenson
    8 Highland Park
    10 Lake Forest
    11 Jones* Chicago
    12 Naperville North
    13 Neuqua Valley
    13 Libertyville
    15 Prospect Mt

  • Has she ever bombed part of a test before?

  • RAHM EMANUEL MAYOR:, EDUCATION AGENDA- Page 4, Replace Assistant Principal with Director of Family and Community Engagement; Rahm would like the second-in-command to be charged with managing the outer-workings of the school: the relationship with every child's parent. He will REPLACE the Assistant Principal role with a Director of Family and Community Engagement. The individual would manage all extended time programming (extended day, week and year) and would be charged with parent organizing, training, and enlisting assets of parents into the school. The traditional duties of an Assistant Principal- discipline, cafeteria supervision and overall operations- WOULD BE DISTRIBUTED AMONG STAFF! Page 7, Pushed for expanded school choice; Seeing the SUCCESS of charter schools in Chicago. Rahm introduced the Pell Grants for Kids Act to expand opportunities for students in low-performing schools to switch to a charter school. His LEGISLATION would authorized $300 million to create NEW CHARTER SCHOOLS and EXPAND EXISTING CHARTER SCHOOLS to accommodate more students!

  • Anonymous, good question!

  • LOL. I always say that if you're a neighborhood school that wants to boost enrollment, just drop "Elementary" and add "Academy" to your name.

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