AM News: Dispute Over Orr HS Discipline Stats

image from webmedia.newseum.orgCommunity group accuses Orr High of pushing out students Catalyst:  In the month that Tyese Sims has been principal of Orr High, she has dropped 44 students from the rolls, she acknowledges. But one community group is accusing her of turning away as many as 150... Parents brace for school closings WBEZ:  When Maria Hernandez read in the newspaper Monday that her daughter's school could be closed, she had one thought: "Here we go again," Hernandez said... Getting To Chicago's Boys Before Gangs Do NPR: This day's session begins with a team-building exercise. The boys place paper plates on the floor and then use the plates as stepping stones to gingerly navigate ...U. of C. opens doors for top high schoolers Chicago Tribune: The three-year program, run by director Kim Ransom, prepares Chicago Public Schools students in grades 10 through 12 for admission and success at the nation's top colleges and universities...  School Breakfast Program May Pose Risks Tribune:  All 474 CPS elementary schools must adopt the new breakfast program by June 30...MORE BELOW

 Deniece Fields: More Single-Gender High Schools? Huffington Post:  As principal of Chicago's only all-girls public high school, I couldn't agree more. We need more single-sex schools. And not just here, but in cities around the country... Should Children Be Screened For Mental Health In Schools? An estimated 8 percent of youth have a major depressive episode at some point in their adolescence.Controversy over creationist Libertyville teacher SJR:  The issue of a Libertyville High School instructor teaching creationism in the science classroom is likely to be brought up in the public comment section of tonight's Community High School District 128 board meeting... Home-schoolers object to state oversight SJR:  Last month's legislative proposal that parents who home-school be required to register with the state threatens the freedom of thousands of Illinois families, home-schooling advocates say... 

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  • It could be argued that merely suspending Orr students for profanity and body language is an advance over both arresting students on charges of verbal assault against teachers or other staff and also suspending the same student. Both I and the Legal Assistance Foundation were involved in such cases at Orr in the past years involving students who had both serious and moderate psychiatric problems who were arrested for assault against teachers when the incident reports clearly indicated the students had not touched the teachers or clearly threatened harm to the teachers. Unless of course calling a school security guard a Mother F-er constitutes assault. Is this type of behavior good, clearly not. Is it a problem for school climate, of course. But what Orr has been doing for years, pushing students out of school is equally bad.

    Assault is a crime under Illinois Law. Under Illinois Law (720 ILCS 5/12-1), a student commits assault if they engage in conduct that places another person (including other students) in a reasonable apprehension of fear. Under Illinois Law (720 ILCS 5/12-2), a student can be charged with an aggravated assault just by the fact that the individual alleging assault is a teacher or other person employed in any school and such teacher or other employee is upon the ground of a school or grounds adjacent thereto, or is in any part of a building used for school purposes. Aggravated Assault is a Class A misdemeanor in Illinois. Since many cases involving non-physical assault against school staff involve difficult questions concerning

  • The US is behind other countries in the area of education for one simple reason. We have a much higher rate of child poverty than most other industrialized nations. This is the case for 2 reasons: 1. we allow poor people to have as many children as they want--in fact we recognize that ability as the human right it is and 2. the US does not the supports, services and regulations which would tend to prevent as much poverty.

    While I shake my head at the unthought out plan for this program, I do wonder why so many are so danged obsessed about the matter. If parents are outraged, why not offer these specific parents that attendance won't be taken until after food-time and their child is responsible for learning whatever was taught during food time on her own time?

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