Weekend Open Thread: What's On Your Mind?


Let's start with who went to school and what it's like there ["I work at a school on the Side. Today we only have 90 students.
Normally we have 265. And we are missing three teachers and our clerk."] and go from there. 

What's on your mind -- the election, the countdown to the next break, something in your neighborhood or around your school? 

The more specific the better, as always -- we love details.  I'll post any news links in comments. 

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  • Being that I can't really assess student learning today because all the kids at home get a free excused absence, I'm babysitting. But it's worse than a regular day in that it's all the kids whose parents are going crazy having them around. Why would it be any different? I knew exactly who was going to be here today. There are definitely more teenagers than anyone else here today.

  • If it's gonna be 6/15, 6/16, or 06/21? Really would anyone show up 06/21. Maybe we could do saturday night school or Sunday school?

  • Does anyone care about what's happening at the new South Shore High School?

  • Hey Wait, What happened to Lincoln's Birthday? I just noticed it was not on the calendar! Isn't that usually around the 11th?

  • REALLY? I never realized that.

  • I am constantly baffled by the strange no-mans-land teachers inhabit between being salaried professionals (for whom a snow day is a missed chance to get some work done) and factory workers that are fixated on making sure union formulas are followed to the hour.

  • Eliminating seven days from our calendar with no decrease in salary was a BAD thing? You must be a UPC stalwart with your head stuck...ahem...in the sand.

    The last six school years (June 2005 through June 2010) would have been 7 days longer. Last year we would have got out on June 29th.

    This year would have run until June 28th. And yet, you're complaining that after making-up the two snow days, we'll be working until June 21st. That's still a week earlier than than it would be had it not been for "Lynch's contract."

    In my opinion, one of the best things from the 2003-2007 CBA was this provision.

  • Re: 105 ILCS 5/10-19

    Technically, we get to knock 2 days off those 176 days of student attendance for the parent conference/report card pickup days.

    And then, 8 minutes (of that 15 added to the day in 2004-05) is "banked" so that CPS could add 4 Staff Development days (in addition to 4 Teacher Institute days and 3 Professional Development days). That takes us down to 170 days of student attendance.

    If you look at the Amended 2010-11 School Calendar, there is a notation that reads "Emergency Days--school in session if student days fall below 170."

  • Yes I do know better. I just wanted to see if anybody was paying attention to what is happening at the new South Shore High School!

  • "Pursuant to the provisions of 105 ILCS 5/34-85, the applicable statute of the State of Illinois, the Rules of the Board of Education of the City of Chicago, and Board Report 04-0728-PO1, a Warning Resolution must be adopted and issued to inform he or she that they have engaged in unsatisfactory conduct. The conduct outlined in the Warning Resolution will result in the referring of dismissal charges against he or she pursuant to the Statute, if said conduct is not corrected immediately, and maintained thereafter in a satisfactory fashion following receipt of the Warning Resolution Directives for improvement of this conduct are contained in the Warning Resolution." In other words, they will be dismissed, fired!

  • This is what I mean about the no-mans-land between being salaried professionals and factory workers. You want "professional autonomy" but bargain about 15 minutes. This is farcical to other professionals.

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