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Last weekend's open thread included topics as diverse as payroll deductions and the pros and cons of IMPACT.  

What's on your mind this weekend?  As always, the more specific the better, as always -- we love details.  
I'll post any news links in comments, or on Facebook.  
Thanks as always for reading, sharing, and even arguing.  We probably don't agree about much except that education's important and interesting, but that's usually enough.

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  • It is rumored that the reason Mubarak resigned in Egypt was because Daley offered him the CEO position of CPS. Mubarak has all the qualities necessary to take on the position as based on the previous CEO's. Mubarak is anti-union, autocratic, corrupt, and unexperienced in education. Could anyone be more perfect?

  • chicagonow blogger wonders if chico can make a surge and force a runoff based on his education ideas and accomplishments


    i'm not sure but what do you think?

  • At our school children received instruction all day on Friday.

  • If only chicky and mosley would attack his BS charter school statistics instead of just saying "I'm from the hood, he's not"

  • To 4:38, Feb 11--Her name is Patricia Van Pelt Watkins. I saw her interviewed by Bruce Dumont on Beyond the Beltway as few weeks ago. I had never heard of her, but was VERY impressed. Methinks she has a bright future in Chicago politics.

  • Chico no! Vallas no! Duncan no! Enough said!

  • I voted for del Valle!

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