Violence: Bloodbath At Bogan

Thanks to a a reader for sending in this jarring image of bloodstains on the floor near the entrance to Bogan that was apparently left over after a Thursday night confrontation at Bogan:  "The bloodstain still remains outside the student entrance and I do not see how this blood stain is crucial to the investigation.  The crime scene is not being monitored and at the very least the blood should have been covered up.  How can the administration just sit on their hands as our students are exposed to such gore."  (Man Shot in Bogan High School Parking Lot on Southwest SideMan shot on South Side near Bogan HS) Click below to see the bloody photo.  I hope it's all cleaned up by now.

Bogan Entrance



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  • Wow. This is absolutely despicable. If I ever have kids, they are going to boarding schools in Switzerland or somewhere else far away from this mess.

  • Parking lot my ass

    I just retired from Bogan if that bloodstain is from the shooting
    It is two steps from the door all the kids use as an entrance. You can clearly
    See the door on the left. The closest parking lot is at least

  • In reply to rbusch:

    Are you telling me 2000 students a day enter thru that door there.

  • In reply to rbusch:

    Where these unjustified comments are from is unclear. Generalizing about Chicago Public Schools is questionable to me. In addition, Streets and San has had finer moments.

    I was born in and have lived here for 25 consecutive years. In a more densely populated area, you will have a few dense people. For those of us who appreciate the Chicago Public School System, we are satisfied with what we have found. For those who use it as a babysitter service and are unwilling to invest time into their kid's future, you get what you put into it.

    Our kids score in the high purple on the ISATs and are enrolled in CPS. Their classes are challenging and their CPS Teachers care. We care about our kids in order for them to have a future. When we took a closer look, and our children were accepted on merit or based upon persistence, we never looked back at private school.

    Sensationalism is for suburbanites who fixate on Fox, but don't have the stomach for reality. Perhaps, some want to justify their excessive real estate taxes. Keeping up with the Joneses or the Steins are not my thing. Do your research; don't let a blog jade your options based upon an aberration or two. Yet, I think that all oversights need to be reported and hope your Alderman plus your Ward's Streets and San take notice.

  • the kids should not be subjected to such violence.

    ok who are we kidding? its Bogan, for cryin' out loud.

  • In reply to EdDeline:

    Comment removed / offensive language

  • Geez! That's messed up.

  • The eye in the sky

    Twice during the 2010 school year I had garbage cans hurled at me
    while I was in the men

  • Lsc

    I dare anyone on the Bogan LSC to revel the vote count by which they were
    Elected. Except for the faculty members the turnout was a disgrace. Some people who were electedto that group had vote totals under 30 votes .

  • I am sorry, this is Bull. Bloodbath @ Bogan give me a break. What time did it occur after dark. Were kids in the school. I don't live in Chicago anymore but I am a proud Alumni of Bogan. I miss that neighborhood. That does not look like any Student entrance that I remember. The entrance I walked into had stairs. This looks to be more like a janatorial entrance than anything else. Did you confirm this before you posted this phony headline.

  • In reply to Don1:

    Donald, you don't live here anymore. You deserted the neighborhood and gang violence has arrived. Yes it happened after dark, the basketbal game just ended. I asked the engineer why the blood was still there and he said that the sand blasters hadn't come from the city. Another incompetent Chicago worker who wouldn't lift a finger to do his job. Come back to the city and see the mess people like you have left for me to live in. Thanks

  • In reply to pawagner:

    Really which entrance is that. He was shot in a parkling a half a block away. The basketball game was not even Relevant!

  • Really , I thought the main entrance was on 79th street. I would also like to point out that I am not afraid to use my real name and that at leats on the 10;00 neews that night the temerature was 13 degrees. Hardly favorable conditions for Cleaning. I don't know what exactly happened and neither do you. But it was by no means a bloodbath by any definition. And if you check the papers you will see that the basketball game had nothing to do with it.

  • Sir, I suggest you review the information provided. The Game had nothing to do with it. They do not have 22 year old students. He was by himself as was the shooter. The shooting took place in the parking lot. The more I read i get the impression that the shooting took place before the crown left the gym.

  • I wonder if you could get enough Card board. If this person was shot in the parking then wandered over to the door. Where is the blood trail. Seems to me it must have neen pretty significant. Of course it was pretty cold that night, perhaps it was spilled when someone took his coat off to look at it or place him on a stretcher.

  • My daughter went to Bogan H.S. and I end up taking her out,because of the fighting everyday;The bad part about it me myself the mother was picking her up each day,her grades started failing and I talked to the teachers and the principal and it seem like it was a loss cause.I took her out of Bogan and sent her South to Alabama ,her grades came back up and she graduated with Honors and went to ASU and doing Great,I'm THANKING GOD

  • In reply to centhp1:

    I am pleased for your daughter. You must be proud. My problem with the story is the false headline. Bloodbath at Bogan. The term bloodbath implies multiple killings; a masacre. The Sharon Tate murder was a "bloodbath". This was a shooting , after hours. The person who was shot was not related to the facility in any way, shape or form. The person who was shot did not die and was shot in the arm, apparently once.

    Now let me ask you this : Is that the entrance/exit theat you picked your daughter up at?

    Was the shooter at the basketball game? Did he get the gun thru the metal detector? Would it be normal for gangbangers to drive there by themselves?

    My problem is with the false and malicios headline. Yes there is too much violence, that doesn't make it ok to make up stories and publish them.

  • In reply to centhp1:

    apologies for the headline -- sometimes i do a poor job of finding the right balance between interesting and over the top. that being said, the picture is gory and according to the reader who sent it in kids were exposed to the bloody floor.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    The headline is irresonsible and shoud be withdrawn from the Chicago Now headlines.

    Yes the picture is gruesome, but when was it taken? Is it still there. When the event occurred what were the weather conditions. Was it below freezing, was it below freezing when the pictures were taken.

    Bobcat Goldwaithe once had a line regarding the Rodney king incident years ago." If your outside with a camera, and i am being beaten by people, put the camera down and Help me". If your concern is about the kids then put the camera down and help them.

    Your phony headline did not help anyone, Half the people who responded blamed it on the kids themselves.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Dear Donald

    I am glad you are proud Bogan alumni. But some things you write make me wonder
    How long it has been since you went there?
    I went to junior college there in 1966.Even then kids were not suppose to enter
    From 79th st. If you went to Bogan in the 70

  • In reply to rbusch:

    When I went there is not relevant to the Headline that even the Author now admits was in poor taste.
    I am a proud graduate of 1965, when Mr Schied was the disiplinarian. I do remember waiting for the Bells to ring outside on 79th street. I do remember watching when a young kid lost control of his car and hit 3 kids on the sidewalk on 79th street at 3:00.
    I do not recall any females having Major roles in the school in those days. The Principals name was Hazelton. The football team won the Blue Division Championship in it's first year of eligibility and almost went to the City Championship in 1965 reaching the Quarterfinal game.

    It isn't my Mothers bogan anymore, and it's not my White sox park, or riverview either. the point is the article was incorrect!That's all that's necessary.

  • In those days for a male it was College or Vietnam. Many chose the Military to get money for College. If you check it out you will see that Bogan was very focused on Education in those days, many of my friends were in the FTA (Future Teachers of America). Our class President became the Superintendent in Evergreen Park.

    None of this reelevant to the story though.

  • Bogan Broads

    This was the nickname of a group of manly women who served on various
    school organizations like the PTA. They were noted for an almost zealot like
    devotion to the school ,and a firm belief in keeping schools neighborhood
    intuitions. This until the middle 80

  • In reply to rbusch:

    Never heard the term, I got married in 69 and left the neighborhood. My sister still lives closeby in Oak Lawn and when my Father passed away in 2006 we took a pretty good tour of the area. Now I am from St Bede's so I can't speak for anyone else, I didn't see any real concerns, infact one of My buddies from 65 who was a Fire Captain was living at the same address from back then.

    Everything I have seen says the guy was shot in the parking lot, he may have wandered over to the doorway for help. No idon't think the students should have walk thru it, but I wonder if the weather may have hampered clean-up.

    I think the author of the article got carried away as he probably had seen 2-3 stories on the Valentines day Massacre and refered to this one person shooting as a blood bath.

  • In reply to rbusch:


    A friend sent me this today Quite a story I

  • In reply to rbusch:

    Thank you for the update, 3 witnesses. I wonder why they brought him to that entrance?

  • I went to Bogan in the mid 60's, it was a different time then. It is really sad to look at what it has become today . I think much of this is gang related today.

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