Update: What In Blazes Is Going On At Scammon?

image from www.google.comThere's a new CBS2 story out about Scammon Elementary, which some of you may recall is the school that held the controversial Sunny Chico event in December. According to this latest story, 4 teachers and administrators ent on an $15,000 "all-expense paid trip to a Las Vegas resort and spa for a conference last year" -- missing report card pickup. (Taxpayers Send Teachers To Vegas Resort). CPS says the trip was "required" and approved through proper channels. Scammon made the news in 2009 when it was one of the schools that had to do its restructuring plans over.  It also made the news last fall when investigators revealed that safety transfers were being ignored.  


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  • I thought Andy Shaw drew the correct conclusion, when he stated the entire CPS Board needed intervention. The BGA has drawn the correction conclusion and it is very refreshing to see. The problems at Scammon school are part of the larger corruption problem of the school district. I can understand how parents of special education students who had to litigate against CPS to get services for their children are extremely upset that the school dropped $15,000 on the Vegas training.

    It is very difficult for a Board like we have to enforce a travel ban when the Board President was using CPS money to fly to Copenhagen and stay at a 4 star hotel not long ago for the Olympic bid. Mr. Scott was apparently trying to pay off that tab when he died (See WGN breaking news Nov 23, 2009). As I have said many times whoever becomes Mayor needs to clean house at CPS.

    Rod Estvan

  • what's the source of the principal's sense of influence or autonomy? personal relationships, family relationships, great scores, influential families? and how does what she's doing compare to everyday principal goof-ups in other schools?

  • fox news weighs in on the vegas junket


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