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Look below if you want to talk about Bogan, Urban Prep, or anything else that's already being discussed in an earlier post.  Stay here if you want to talk about or read about other things that haven't been talked about already this week -- strange or good things going on in your school, neighborhood, or workplace.  Anyone seen Payne in the hallways or on a visit?  Anything different happening as folks get ready for ISAT testing? Also, don't forget about the fundraiser for Mendoza tomorrow.  


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  • The new principal of the new South Shore High School will be Mr. Poole, principal of Orr High School. What can you tell me about him?

  • Just wondering why the Wisconsin governor/Republican legislators are expempting law enforcement and fire fighters from the proposed end to collective bargaining. Why are they only going after teachers?

  • In reply to QuietObserver:

    Because they can....It is interesting that a contract is a contract for a principal...but only a piece of paper for a teacher...changed at the whim of administration (how many administrators honor the conditions of the contract?) at the whim of the Board when it doesn't suit them....Why are CPS honchos driving SUV's? Why are they downtown paying $200-$300 a month to park...Why is the teacher "expense account" $100 per year and theirs unlimited...just ask Michael Scott, who fed at the public trough....

    You want to follow a business model in schools: Give teachers vacation like the private sector--5 weeks paid vacation; paid tuition for school; affordable PPO insurance plans; free parking; an excellent employee cafeteria at reduced rates; a company sponsored picnic, winter party,etc. complete office supplies paid for by the company; an office to work in with that modern device, a phone and laptop ...real opportunity for advancement...

  • Who can give me a factual update about the progress of the Corey H Settlement and the LRE audits of the schools in the Education Connection and ISBE process? Is it realistic to assume that the whole thing will stop this coming summer? Will the school still be subjected to an audit next fall by someone from ISBE even if the school has been exited?

  • I was a tester and chose Google over Live because Google was much easier to navigate. I wanted to like Live because it had Office tools, but I can tell you that anyone who has difficulty with FirstClass would hate live. LOL Google is simple and straightforward. You will like it.

  • How did this fly under the radar? Check the last line (Copied from Rahm's website)...
    Replace Assistant Principal with Director of Family and Community Engagement

    The principal manages the inner-workings of the school and is accountable for its success. Rahm would like the second-in-command to be charged with managing the outer-workings of the school: the relationship with every child's parent. He will replace the Assistant Principal role with a Director of Family and Community Engagement. The individual would manage all extended time programming (extended day, week and year) and would be charged with parent organizing, training, and enlisting assets of parents into the school. The traditional duties of an Assistant Principal

  • Sisters and brothers have probably been reading about what is happening in Wisconsin, where the Governor is trying to pass legislation that would destroy the unions there. Schools are shut down because so many teachers and students have joined the huge protests in Madison, the capitol. At CTU, we are making plans about various ways to show our support. For starters, please sign our online petition.

    The Chicago Federation of Labor is sending a bus to Madison Monday. They will leave from Plumbers Hall, 1340 West Washington Boulevard, at 6 a.m. Monday (2/21) and return by 8 p.m.. You can park in the northeast part of the lot. There is no charge, but you must email if you want to be on the list to attend this historic event.

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    from ctu, obv

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    SCHOOL CLOSINGS? SCHOOLS COMBINED? Is Wells Hs combining with Clemente? In what building? Is Noble going to add the Wells HS campus to its empire? And what happens to staff? One principal or two? Will teachers be told...unemployed, effective immediately> Who Knows?

  • Is your h.s. on the northside or southside? Just curious as I have my own opinion about a h.s. which had a successful audit and will be exited from the LRE process.

  • Historically, the ratio with one teacher in the classroom is 70/30% and with two teachers--60/40% as far as I know.

  • Reformers who say poverty does not affect learning drive me crazy. Using this to bash teachers simply blocks and delays our efforts to help those students learn.

  • First, thank you "Like hell she does" for your thoughtful post.

    To Anonymous and Mr. Carter, isn't it clear that white families are under-represented in CPS as a whole because they opt out of CPS, but will opt back in for SE schools? Doesn't that opting in make the system stronger, not weaker?

    By the way, if SE school admissions were race- and class-blind, the proportion of whites in the SE schools would be even greater. Mr. Carter apparently isn't crying racism about that.

    SE schools and charters are here to stay.

  • I think that we have a same h.s. in mind--close to Evanston?????

  • In reply to RondaGoldman:

    Sorry . . . I meant "the", not "a".

  • I would not support dropping by someone's home, but I have no problem with attending someone else's religious institution. Homes are private spaces while every religious institution I can think of is an open space that allows members of the general public in to attend services.

    And if one claims to believe in a religion that offers forgiveness of sins and redemption, I suppose that can be mentioned when the person is not living as their faith would suggest.

  • That's easy to explain. What happens is upper income people will have their students take the SE exam and if they don't get in, then they will go either go private or move to the 'burbs. Therefore you have a higher proportion in the special enrollments, but a lower enrollment overall.

    And I don't think it's all about race. The scores at the neighborhood high schools just aren't that good and parents with more $ are going to be willing to buy their students a better education. And let's be honest, that better education at least partially consists of what is perceived to be a better peer group, that is, a peer group that comes from families that take education seriously.

  • I think you're right because I don't think the charter schools are economically sustainable. They're relying on foundation money that has no guarantee it will be there tomorrow.

  • While we're on the subject of Selective Enrollment High Schools: Brooks College Prep 85% black, King College Prep 94% black, Lindblom Math and Science Academy 78% black...

    Can you imagine the uproar if Northside College Prep was 94% white?

  • I'm curious to know what makes King, Lindblom and Brooks less "real" than Northside, Payton and Young. Is it because they are less diverse? Why isn't the black student population capacity-controlled to achieve a more diverse learning environment?

  • White students are not over-represented when you consider the white population in the city as a whole. CPS should represent the city, not the other way around. The larger question for me is this: What can be done to improve neighborhood schools so that more middle class and white families will attend, bringing their money and resources and influence with them to the benefit for all who attend?

  • As a parent of two children who really want to learn, I have to say, I am not sure I care anymore if students with serious behavior issues, regardless of disability, are kicked out of school. Why are the needs of 2-5% of the population allowed to disrupt learning for the other 95%+ of students? Seriously, if a student can't behave and be respectful with modifications or medication, I do not care what is wrong with them--they don't belong in a classroom with kids who have a chance.

  • In reply to teacherparent:

    I think special ed law actually might agree with you. If a student receiving services is still disruptive to the classroom then that student is probably not receiving appropriate services because the acting out is caused by frustration at trying to cope with the disability. CPS tries to cheap out and put students who are not gen ed compatible into gen ed classrooms because it's cheaper, not because it's better for the student with disabilities.

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