Quote: "Far Harder Than Fighting Crime"

Quotes2More than anything else, America's cities desperately need world-class schools that will keep parents within city borders, and that remains the great urban challenge facing 21st century America...Fixing urban school systems throughout the country has proved to be far harder than fighting crime- Economist Edward L. Glaeser in the New York Times


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  • But generational poverty is more than about what is done to you. It does also involve some dreadful lifestyle choices. Out of wedlock births, poor patience with the children, heck many times outright absence as mom takes off leaving the children with Grandma.

    That's a weird part of generational poverty that makes it a combination of not having choices and of making awful choices as well. It's what differentiates a family where the breadwinner just lost their job and a family of generational poverty. The family that is just down on their luck will probably recover. These poor families aren't just broke, they're also inept. Mental illness plays a part here, as does the desire for escapism into substance abuse, but it's also possible that the current research on poverty on children's brains will be enlightening.

  • Yes, we do need more research on the effect of poverty on children's brain development. What we are just finding out is that there is a physical effect on children's brains. What we don't know is...is it recoverable? How much this has the potential to impact a child's future even if the child leaves poverty? If it's due to environmental factors, emotional factors, a combination, or something else? Is it countervail-able?

    These are important facts that need to be ascertained. The US is a hyper-capitalist society and is not going to cure child poverty.

  • Regarding "urban school reform", I remember reading a quote once that read, "You'll never have prison reform until you have a better quality inmate." The same could be said for "urban education."

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