Privates: North Shore Country Day Gift Makes Top 60

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Slate's annual roundup of big philanthropists is out, but most of it's stuff you already know about Broad, Gates, Buffet, Soros, and Zuckerburg.  The philanthropists you probably don't already know about are Henry C. Woods Jr. and Jane C. Woods. They gave $58.5 million to the Lawrenceville School, a private high school in New Jersey where Woods graduated in 1940 and taught until 1986. In addition, the couple bequeathed $8.5 million to the North Shore Country Day School, a private school in Winnetka, Ill. Jane Woods graduated from the school in 1937. 


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  • Is is actually true that some students don't have text books? Or science labs? Chicago does spend a fair amount of $$ per pupil. I can't imagine that students must spend a full year without text books. If so, why don't they reuse books from year to year? I used the same math book my sister used 5 years later at my school. My school district at the time was spending 1500 per student while CPS was spending 7000 (yes it was some years back), yet we had science labs. Not particularly well equipped science labs, but labs none the less.

    Which high schools don't have labs? If there are some, has CPS considered asking for donations to build them?

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