People: Teacher Solves @MayorEmanuel Mystery

People: Teacher Solves @MayorEmanuel Mystery

image from austinandbeth.comEven as the notoriety and mystery grew, only a handful of folks were able to figure out who the hilarious and profane Twitterer known as @MayorEmanuel really was before he revealed himself recently as a Chicago professor and punk zine publisher (The Man Behind @MayorEmanuel).  One of the few to crack the code was Seth Lavin (pictured, I think), currently a second-year Chicago 5th grade teacher who figured out @MayorEmanuel's real identity during a recent blizzard using nothing more than his crazy brainpower and tricky social media skills you and I probably lack.  Great news, right?  Except he's a TFA corps member, former Bain consultant, went to Georgetown ('07) and is a new dad at 25.  For all I know, he teaches at a charter school or pays dues but hasn't joined the union. That being said, he says he's been reading this blog since before he started teaching, so he can't be all bad.  And -- be honest -- it's fun that a teacher figured out the mystery ahead of almost everyone else and was cool enough to keep the secret until the story played out.  


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  • don't perpetuate everyone's stereotypes about educators, folks -- this wasn't done at school he was at home off duty

  • Love the Atlantic piece and their excerpt of tweets. Love the writer. Bet his classes at Columbia fill up fast.

    Would like to know exactly how Lavin figured it out, not being tech savy, I don't understand how the .ly suffix gave his identity away.

  • Did you read the article? -- He figured it out while snowed in during the blizzard. Are you talking about other teachers?

  • has the full story of how lavin figured it out, and decided to keep it a secret.

  • Here's a news flash -- it hardly takes very long to follow a Twitter stream. Shouldn't all the teachers that read this blog be grading papers too by your account?

  • Did you read the celery tweets? That was funny.

  • jim derogatis and others have apparently had more than enough of this story

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