Near-Future Classroom: "Real-Time" RTI

image from www.masternewmedia.orgReal-time data isn't just for Twitter and breaking news anymore. This Slate magazine article notes that "predictive" policing is being used to help law enforcement detect likely hotspots for violence or theft in the near future (Can police really predict crime before it happens?).  Much the same thing has already been attempted in CPS, where the district claimed it could identify kids who were likely to become involved in school violence ahead of time.  (The statistical modeling was always under question and Catalyst notes that the effort never got off the ground.)  What's next?  "Predictive teaching" is my guess -- aily or hourly feedback to teachers about which kids are headed off the rails in ways that might not otherwise be noticeable.  


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  • Or just the ones who didn't go to sleep until 4 AM or just the ones who never come to school because their clothes aren't "fresh". 4:14...where do you teach?...and don't lie.

  • Ahem. "Fresh" means "new" in kidspeak. Just thought you should know.

  • Are there actually students that aren't doing well that the teacher doesn't know about? I was under the impression that it was the intervention part that needed help, not the diagnosis part.

  • My school went to uniforms to take some of the pressure off students and parents. Fashion pressure is a reality in this materialistic age, and uniforms have helped.

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