Jobs: Who Should / Will Get The CPS Top Jobs?

Jobs:  Who Should / Will Get The CPS Top Jobs?

image from Who will Emanuel pick to head CPS?  Who *should* he consider?  Let the uninformed speculation begin!  Emanuel could keep the interim Mazany / Payne team in place. He could appease (punish) the Latino community by bringing someone like Jose Torres into the district (or Chico or DelValle, for that matter). He could look nationally, but truth be told there aren't many big city education superstars out there to choose from -- and lots of other cities have openings. A lot of people like Andres Alonso, but he's committed to Baltimore. Former Washington DC head Michelle Rhee would be a great personal match for Emanuel but she's doing this national thing.  

Meantime:  Rahm Emanuel's Washington ties will come in handy Tribune:  Duncan envisions the two continuing to work on school reform, saying Emanuel was pivotal to the Obama administration's Race to the Top competition in which states are financially rewarded for school reforms... Emanuel gingerly hints at agenda as Chicago mayor AP:  Emanuel is expected to expand a model program that trains new teachers in a one-year residency program and installs them at low-performing "turnaround" schools. 


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  • My crystal ball says Rahm will pick Rhee. Arne is a big fan of hers. He campaigned hard for her /Fenty, but teachers there had no time for either. Fenty lost, and so now D.C. couldn't be used as a shiny example of the success of Duncan / Obama education reforms. Also, Rahm picks Rhee because the pace of union busting goes too slowly using charters alone. Teachers will be judged and paid by students' test scores.

  • Our school made kids take had loads of testing this first semester. Anyone else?

  • Wonder why Rahm mentioned Zipporah Hightower's name during his acceptance speech? Could she be in the running for C Ed O?

  • Vallas

    Although Paul Villas supported Chico his brother was in the
    Rahm camp, sort of covering all your bases.

  • I was wrong about Vallace's brother.
    but I still think he could appoint
    Paul as CEO.remember he came close to
    beating Blango in the primary.
    If he was a republican he would have beaten him.

  • Arne will be directing Rahm's picks. Vallas / Chico are out.

  • Who is John Kugler?

  • CPS is going to close 7 or 8 elementary schools by June 30, 2011 because of underutilization!

  • Social worker tells me that the $60 million in fed funds for the culture of calm program is all spent. (Murders went up from 61 to 68, no drop in other shootings.) Where di it go?

  • In reply to Adele:

    Yes the Culture of Calm money has run out!

  • In reply to Adele:

    Where will the money come from to pay for more charter schools?

  • In reply to Adele:

    The RTI mandate comes from the ISBE. Access Living fought the administrative rule that mandated RTI for 2 years along with other special education advocates (the learning disabilities association, ISELA, and the Family Resource Center on Disabilities). At one point we got the Illinois General Assembly JCAR to block it for 6 months. Then the Illinois Education Association and the IFT came out in support of it and it sailed through JCAR.

    I agree RTI would be a very good thing if there were money and time to carry out interventions, but given the current fiscal reality of education in Illinois that will not be the case. RTI is a problem in every underfunded school district in Illinois and not just in Chicago.

    Rod Estvan

  • good list -- there was lots of chatter about john white at the TFA20 thing -- not particularly about chicago but having been picked as a broadie and having had a few top jobs at NYC's DOE

    he still seems too young and white and male to me, but he does have the chicago connection and the TFA mafia behind him.

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