Events: "Teach For America" Turns 20

image from scholasticadministrator.typepad.comAny TFA fans or haters out there?  Anyone willing to admit that s/he started out as a fan or hater and then changed opinions?  We promise not to make fun of you.  I wrote this post on my way to the big TFA 20th anniversary summit (Five Ideas For TFA's *Next* 20 Years) and got more comments than usual for the other blog, and then followed up with this post today (A Premature (Or Even Unwarranted) Celebration?).  What's your real-world experience been with TFA colleagues?  As always, please don't be boring or repeat the same old things you always say. First-hand experiences, comments from corps members or alums especially welcomed.   

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  • what exactly have you seen them do that's so bad in terms of know-it-all-ness? they're specifically instructed not to be alienating that way, so it's interesting that they (or at least some of them) still come off that way. anyone ever gotten a good idea or support from them? at least do they work has hard as they say they do while they're there?

  • "Elitist" schools? I thought this was an education blog. Isn't an elite education what teachers work hard to help their students earn?

  • No argument on that really, but when an elite education is what is best for a student and the student works hard and meets that goal, isn't it something to be celebrated, not hurled as an epithet.

  • In reply to WestLooper:

    Is a person who has been blessed with gifted/intellectual gifts and a supportive family any more worthy our celebrations than a slow learner who has worked his or her rear end off to get average grades and make it to tech school? Not in my book. Effort in the face of adversity is a far greater achievement.

  • In reply to QuietObserver:

    Both are worthy of credit. But look at the way the commenter above used the word "elitist".

  • Same Old Same Old.

    Tfa, Ctc, Harvard, or BethuneCookman.It still boils down to this,
    You have it or you don

  • Very funny and creative web site!

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