Charters: Union Showdown At CMSA

 "Eight of the city's 38 charter schools have organized teachers who've negotiated and signed contracts, officials say, and four others are pushing to do the same. None of those battles, however, has escalated like the one at the [Rogers Park] academy." (Charter school says it's private as teachers try to unionize Tribune.)


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  • It is run by a Turkish organization? This I have to check out. To the Internets...

    CMSA is managed by Concept Schools, which was founded by two people of Turkish descent. One is Ehat Ercanli, who has a PhD from Case Western and is a professor at Syracuse. The other, Taner Ertekin, lives right here in the Chicago area.

    I don't know anything about the school, but I think you should do a little fact-checking before throwing out xenophobic blather about two men who are probably both U.S. citizens.

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