AM News: What Emanuel Means For CPS

image from webmedia.newseum.orgHere are a few early takes on what the new Mayor faces and how he'll likely embark on finding or implementing solutions: Big problems, painful solutionsn Sun Times: Before confronting a $720 million deficit, deciding which schools to close and whether to disband or keep funding a student safety program bankrolled by expiring federal stimulus funds, Emanuel must decide who he wants to lead the Chicago Public Schools.  Negotiations are due to begin by year's end with the Chicago Teachers Union and they could get dicey with more layoffs required and pay raises demanded. Emanuel has also alienated the union with his proposals to create more charter schools, curtail teachers' right to strike, empower establish performance contracts for each school and ask the General Assembly to mandate a longer school day -- if the union won't agree to work longer hours in exchange for higher pay. With a lawsuit pending on teacher firings, the new mayor also must decide whether future firings will be based on performance and, if so, how teachers will be evaluated... Is Emanuel's Big Victory a Mandate for Dramatic Cuts? CNC:  The changes that Emanuel is likely to pursue could put him on course for conflict with the city's large unionized workforce. The labor unions representing the rank-and-file members of the two biggest components of city government -- the police and fire departments -- endorsed Gery Chico over Emanuel, as did the union for city garbage-crew laborers. Emanuel angered them -- but may have scored points with the broader, tax-paying public -- with a campaign ad in which he said City Hall "is not an employment agency." 

CPS Charter School Fights Unionization Fox:  A Chicago charter school that received public money is now arguing it is a private institution that does not have to abide by state law giving workers the right to unionize... 
Teens speak out louder than a bomb: The youth poetry festival Louder Than a Bomb has started up again, giving students an outlet for raw emotion and organizers a chance to open Chicago's ears to the voices of the next generation... 
Kenwood mentoring program keeps dropout rate at zero for its black males Medill: The Brotherhood now has upwards of 100 members each year and has earned a reputation around the nation for success. 

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