AM News: Teen Suicide Programs Spread

image from webmedia.newseum.orgStudents Demand New Vision for Schools from New Mayor NBC:  Student leaders from Voices of Youth in Chicago Education held a rally to call on the new mayor to work with students to set forth a new vision for Chicago Public Schools... More schools addressing teen suicide issue Tribune:  The paper handed to each freshman at Oak Lawn Community High School recently was filled with blunt and uncomfortable questions... Charter school says it's private Tribune:  A Chicago charter school that has received more than $23 million in public money since opening in 2004 is arguing that it is a private institution, a move teachers say is designed to block them from forming a union... Indiana panel OKs labor bill as unions protest AP: Union supporters shouted "lie" and "shame" at members of a Republican-led Indiana House committee who voted in favor of so-called right-to-work legislation, after impassioned arguments that it was aimed at weakening unions and would drive down wages... Image via Newseum

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  • This is scary (Democracy Now!)

    The state of Michigan has ordered Detroit to close half of its public schools by 2013 and to increase class size in high schools to more than 60 students. The state claims the moves are needed to eliminate a $327 million deficit. In related news, Detroit has announced it plans to privatize maintenance services at the schools by hiring the company Sodexo.

  • Joel Hood's Tribune article about Chicago Math and Science Academy's appeal to the NLRB over a decision granting teachers at that school status as being part of a union and requiring CMSA to begin contract talks with the union was very good and balanced. Clearly, CMSA and other charters can not have it both ways. They can not legally claim to be private schools and at the same time claim charter schools are public schools.

    But one thing that the article left out was the fact that CMSA's legal argument was brought to the attention of the CPS board at last month's public participation session by CTU's vice president. The President of the Board, Mary B. Richardson-Lowry, replied that the question raised by the CTU was "rhetorical."

    What could be more foundational than whether or not charter schools are public schools? Or that CMSA could claim to be a private school yet recieve money from CPS.

    Rod Estvan
    Access Living

  • former CAO jose torres just got named to a presidential equity commission -- any chance he'll want to / be able to come back to CPS from elgin anytime soon?

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