AM News: Suspensions Down -- Not Enough?

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PS discipline rule changes have brought down suspensions - but not enough, critics say:   Suspensions, though not as high as they have been, are high, and new measures have been incorporated into the disciplinary code. CPS racial disparity grew under Daley Sun TImes:  A study by two University of Illinois at Chicago professors Thursday dumped on the idea of a Chicago Public Schools "miracle'' under Mayor Daley and pushed for an elected ... UIC researchers slam mayoral control Catalyst:  UIC researchers Pauline Lipman and Rico Gutstein draw attention to a lack of evidence showing that mayoral control is linked to increased student achievement... Benjamin C. Duster III Tribune:  Under Mr. Duster, the committee drafted a plan that included magnet programs, voluntary transfers and a back-up plan for mandatory integration. School officials approved only the voluntary portion...MORE BELOW.

How Deep Was Gery Chico's Connection To A Tainted Charity? Huffington Post:  According to documents obtained by Huffington Post Chicago, mayoral candidate Gery Chico appears to have been closely involved with a scandal-plagued high-profile charity... An Open Letter to the City of Chicago Phyllis Lockett:  These words haunt me when I think about the thousands of children waiting for their chance to get into high quality public schools. Today, Chicago Public Schools has over 31,000 magnet applications for 3,352 spots. We know more than 12,000 children are on the waiting list for charter schools. Among the 69 schools the Renaissance Schools Fund helped open, there are almost three applications for every seat available. When will the waiting end? How much longer do our kids have to wait to receive a quality education?... Quinn plan targets more than 500 school districts for merger:  More than 500 school districts in Illinois would be eliminated under a school consolidation plan under consideration by Gov. Pat Quinn... Laid Off CPS Teachers Get Hearing Sun Times:  More than 1,000 Chicago Public School teachers who were laid off last summer have some new hope...Image via

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