AM News: $500M Budget Cuts Still Looming


Don't let the sunshine fool you (PDF) SSNS:  Even with higher taxes, funding cuts in the four core services funded through the GRF - education, healthcare, human services and public safety - are inevitable... Lots of empty seats in some Chicago schools Tribune:  Friday was the first day back to school after two snow days in Chicago.Public school officials don't have numbers yet, but there were lots of empty seats at some schools... Daley connection has proved lucrative for Chico Tribune:  Gery Chico often touts the wealth of on-the-job experience he's accumulated during two decades as one of Mayor Richard Daley's all-around troubleshooters and a driving force creating jobs at a pair of law firms.  Ella Jenkins, first lady of children's music, still going strong Tribune:  When you watch a performance by Ella Jenkins, known as the "First Lady of Children's Music," you might think that it's her little fans who make the 86-year-old woman with the silver Afro and affable smile young again. But then you see her singing,...

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  • I prefer the single school based systems such as grade machine to this gradebook. Report cards don't allow for custom comments, I still don't know how to make checks. The training -What training???

    But I have to agree with 4:28. The only way to hold parents and students accountable with this is to put the numbers in at least once a week. It's not fair to log on and see all is well only to have the "take the entire desk home" teacher update things hours before the deadline. Principals or APs should monitor this and warn/write up teachers accordingly but that would mean they are actually doing their jobs.

  • Simple solution do the actual grading and recording on a printed roster. You do do some of this grading stuff nightly and on the weekends too right, HS teacher? You'd be surprised at how adept the human finger and eye can work together to transcribe numeric grades in alpha order from a sheet to the system. 120 students can be entered in about ten minutes, well, that's my experience with it

  • The paper pencil step helps when you're at home and cannot get into Gradebook (see Byzantine) Plus, it helps when you're speaking with parents about student progress and Gradebook is not available. The paper pencil step is, in my opinion, much more verifiable than any Gradebook entries. The paper pencil step makes my job easier.

  • In reply to cklaus76:

    Have you tried grade book?

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