Acceptance: Selective Enrollment Wait Is Over

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So: Where'd you(r child/favorite student)  apply? When did you(r child/favorite student)  hear? Where'd you(r child/favorite student) get in? (PDF) Any differences in applications, procedures, and acceptance rates from previous years?

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  • I've heard of several kids who got into northside with perfect scores of 900/900. Happy for them and at the same time not happy with the pressure involved and the level of competition to get into anywhere decent. Makes me feel sick to my stomach for the 7th grade hell year trying to get into one of the good 6 high schools on the north or central parts of the city. (nscp, payton, lane, jones, wy, or LPIB) There's a few others that are, meh....and everything else that are absolutely not acceptable. Maybe I need to start working weekends in order to save up just in case we have to do private high school in a few years.

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    On the far NW side, Taft has both IB and AP/Honors programs.

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    Our son received an acceptance to Lincoln Park IB yesterday, and an acceptance to Jones today. Best of all, he scored 300/300 on the selective enrollment entrance exam. He would have been admitted to any of the SE schools, but made Jones his first pick for the diversity of its student population and commitment to a wholistic education. He will accept Jones over LPHS IB.

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    Congratulations on getting into Jones College Prep. I was accepted as well last year and you are making the right choice. I see that you are looking into sports. I highly reccomend that you try out for Cross Country and Track this fall. We will be training over the summer so come down and run with us. Any questions, just reply. Once again, congrats!

  • "real sports"??? Like what? No thanks.

    My son plays basketball and baseball, which Jones has. And the new building is slated to be finished by the beginning of the 2012-13 school year.

    But thanks for your opinion.

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    Jones new building opens in the Fall of 2013, not 2012.

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    Congratulations Proud dad!! My son is a sophomore at Jones and loves it. The teachers are wonderful and vested in student success. He already has colleges picked out and is looking onto enrichment programs for the summer to explore his options- all initiated by the counseling staff on Freshman Fridays. He also was chosen as a mentee in the ELITE program which couples freshmen with high performing seniors for support. This made all the difference in his adjustment to high school. The baseball program is awesome- a real team environment. My son calls it a "brotherhood". Ground will break on the new building next month, they have already began digging for bed rock.
    Best wishes and I look forward to meeting you in the fall.

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    So sorry, my son is currently a freshmen at Jones. Guess I was thinking about next year:)

  • Thanks. Only wish there were enough of these schools for everyone.

  • Dear Debbie Downer,

    You really should check out the wonderful plans for the separate building just south of the current location.

    Sorry you're having a bad day. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

  • This construction is different, doesn't touch the existing building. Last construction at Jones was rehabbing building in use.

  • It's not technically an attendance boundary, you still have to apply in the lottery. It is a preference boundary similar to the set asides at the magnet schools.

  • The scores don't come with the acceptance letter, that letter came seperately this year, for us a day later. 865 or higher needed at Jones, Lane was in the high 700s.

  • I am so please i no longer have to deal with the madness. My son selected a SE last year that was not his first or second choice. And no it is not one of the top five,that many are fighting and pulling their hair out over. It is located on the south east side, in Kenwood, King college prep. He loves it, no he is not black and we are so please with the decision we made. All of the AP courses the teachers are tops, the setting is safe and the kids are good,smart dedicated kids. The prinicpal greets the students every morning at the front door!!! There are no bells and whistles there and the teachers are tough and it does feel like you are in a college setting, there is no hand holding, it was a bit tough on him at first,but he is getting prepared for his career choice with the engineering program that hes in, which is excellent!!! We made an excellent choice!

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