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As some of you have already noticed, I'm posting vaguely education-related tidbits after hours and on weekends on Facebook rather than here so you might want to friend me if you get bored on the weekends and evenings or just like FB better. One added bonus is that posts from my secret and sometimes NSFW "Hot For Education" Tumblr are posted there. Plus embarrassing New Year's Even pics, obv.  NB: Anything Chicago-specific or any breaking news will still always happen here, so you won't miss anything essential  if you keep track here.

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  • Alexander, should I call you King Russo (the crown)?

  • yes, king russo -- at least i was on new year's eve.

    thanks for noticing -- how bow (or organize a palace coup).

    meantime for all you folks who want CPS specific information on FB you can "like" my district 299 FB page


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