Weather: To Close School Or Not?

There's no official word yet about whether school is going to be closed yet -- but here's the place for rumors, suggestions, and information as available.  What are they telling you at your school or on your telephone or email tree?  Do you think they should tell us now or wait until the morning?  What will you do for childcare if CPS closes?

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  • The last school I was in, whenever we had more than 6 inches of snow, all the teachers who lived outside of the city, and some who lived in the city, called in sick. But it didn't matter much because half or more of our student body, who lived within 4-5 blocks of the school couldn't be bothered to show up either. Nice.
    However, if we get more than a foot of snow, CPS needs to close school. I know there are kids out there that need the meal CPS provides and the childcare we provide, but since there is so much snow, it isn't like most families will be able to go to work anyways. And really, we all have to be responsible for our own kids at least once in a while. If I can hire a friend to watch my kids once in a while, why in the world can't our CPS families? I am so incredibly tired of being the "parent" to every body else's children. For the love of god people, use some birth control if you can't be bothered to raise your children. And stop having them if you can't afford to even feed them. I never imagined I'd think that way, but the whole breakfast in the classroom thing has pushed me over the edge.

  • In reply to teacherparent:

    Maybe CPS should be distributing mandatory birth control items instead of mandatory breakfast.

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    Wow, that's harsh.

  • Babysitters get maybe $15 an hour no benefits. The taxpayer will take your deal.

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    I work 70 hours a week teaching. At $15 an hour, I'd be making a whole lot more money than I do now! And $15 an hour is for one kid. For 30, I'd be freaking rich. Please, bring it on.

  • Look, it's pretty simple...if the governor has issued an emergency statement, if the National Weather Service describes the storm as a "POTENTIALLY LIFE THREATENING WINTER
    STORM"--I don't know how CPS can feel it's "safer" to have kids out in school and busses out in a's common sense. 20 - 28 inches of snow (by latest models), 50 mph winds, 7 - 8 foot drifts and 25 foot waves on Lake Shore Drive--yeah, maybe we'll have a field trip to Navy Pier on Wednesday...

  • Has anyone ever had their school ask them to "chip in" to have the school parking lot plowed? The school I worked at 10 years ago did. I refused. I am not paying to park in my place of work. Funny, CPS can figure out ways to pay for 3 meals a day for all the kids, but can't even manage to pay to plow their own lots for the very people who take better care of the students than parents do.

  • Huh? This doesn't even make sense, and it is also completely NOT true. If 50% of children in CPS only eat at school, how the heck did they survive the first five or six years of their life? Did they eat grubs? Did they lick moss off of rocks? Of course not...that is hyperbole at its best.

    Additionally, I'm happy to come into work tomorrow...I will teach exactly what I was planning on teaching, and when dozens of kids don't show, and I give a test on Thursday or Friday, and they all fail, I will not have my principal or a parent come down on me. If students don't show it's on them and their parents.

    And an absence is an absence..if they aren't here, why should it not count. That doesn't even make sense..then the day is nothing but a pointless exercise in babysitting, which I will not do, nor should any teacher. Get your butts into my classroom, open your books, and work. I'm not going to end up watching 400 kids in the auditorium--that is NOT what I'm paid for.

  • Chicago Public Schools Cancels After-School Programs, Afternoon Child Care, Sports;
    Additional Information to Be Released As It Becomes Available

    Out of an abundance of caution, Chicago Public Schools has cancelled after-school activities

  • I am not sure I believe the number of children relying on CPS for their meals is really at 50%. Does anyone know where the hard data is on this? Have CPS kids/families been surveyed and have 50% stated that they don't have enough to eat at home?
    I am skeptical for two reasons:
    1) many of my low income students were obese. Yes, I know that this is partly due to the crap that the Link card funds and partly due to the crap CPS feeds them, but a child doesn't get that heavy that quickly. I really wonder how many are also eating at home.
    2) at my neighborhood school, many of the kids in the head start program had parents who would drive them to school in SUV's. Um, my family of four, making 40K a year (which is well beyond the federal poverty level) couldn't afford a car for a very long time, even though we were frugal. So, how is it that someone qualifying for headstart (less than 20K a year for a family of 4) can do it? I can tell you how they do it.....they lie on their lunch forms. And get public aid in addition to whatever they make from work. If a family can afford a car, which is not a NEED it is a complete and total LUXURY, they can afford to feed their family. If they can't do both, they need to get rid of the car and take CTA just like my family did!

  • Our school didn't have money in the budget to make sure we had toilet paper even in the staff bathrooms through the entire year.

  • School is closed tomorrow.

  • Sometimes there can be a fine line between an unpleasant truth and cynicism. That is not the case in post 12:19 AM, as PR's observations are clearly what drives CPS "snow day" decisions.

  • from CPS: Out of an abundance of caution and to ensure the safety of students and school-based staff, Chicago Public Schools Interim Chief Executive Officer Terry Mazany has ordered all CPS schools closed on Wednesday February 2, 2011.

    The decision was made based on projections of continued heavy snowfall throughout Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning.

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