Video: Chinese Leader Visits CPS High School

A chance meeting in 2004.  An educator I've never heard of (Robert Davis).  Fifty-eight Chinese language teachers and 12,000 students.  The country's largest Chinese language program (New Yorker). The President's daughter is studying the language also, and practiced on the Prime Minister a few days earlier (here).

US Students exchange with Chinese president ATN:  At the Chinese language class, student Amanda Bonson presented Hu with a special Happy New Year card that the students created for the Chinese president... Hu Jintao Gets Rock-Star Treatment in Chicago CNC:  During a visit to Payton College Prep, he announced that his government would bring 20 of the school's faculty and students to China during this summer, prompting cheers from students -- all of whom are studying Mandarin and needed no translation to understand his remarks... 45% of IL Public School Kids Low Income:  A new study says that almost half of Illinois public school children come from low income families, and 45 percent of the children qualify for a free or discounted school meal... 

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