Springfield: Mystery Senate Reform Hearing [updated

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There's a Senate version of the Aurora hearing that's scheduled for this afternoon -- details to come.  I'm not hearing a ton about expected changes between last time and this time, but you know how legislatures are their members each like to have their own hearings and votes, and all the rest.  (Yes, you knew about this hearing here before anywhere else -- I told you about it last Tuesday.)  Cullerton's press person says she'll call me back within the hour -- there's nothing on the caucus website that I can find (or SSNS, or Catalyst). .

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  • As of a few minutes ago the Senate Special Committee on Education Reform is still set to meet in about 2 hours. The proposed bill discussed in Aurora as of this time still has not yet been introduced and is not formally before this committee.

    Before the break I know numerous revisions to the proposed bill (posted by Alexander in December) were likely going to be sent to the co-chairs of the House special committee. I sent amendments to two sections of the bill that was discussed in Aurora on December 23 to the co-chairs and I have to assume other such revisions were being sent in. It is not clear at all what the proposed bill would look like at this point.

    Rod Estvan

  • today at one in room 212 is when and where


    senate reform committee members include

    Co-Chairperson : Kimberly A. Lightford D
    Co-Chairperson : J. Bradley Burzynski R
    Member: Edward D. Maloney D
    Member: David Luechtefeld R

    thanks to jim broadway's email explainer for helping me get to the right info quickly.


    still working on whether they're going to be streamed or recorded.

  • as in aurora, it looks like you can watch the video after it's been archived, hour by hour, or pay a fee and watch it live


    let me know how that works, and if you see any coverage or what you make of the springfield version compared to the aurora one.

    i'm interested to see how the presentations change, how the responses, and what possible changes to the original are floated


  • Before the break I know numerous revisions to the proposed bill (posted by Alexander in December) were likely going to be sent to the co-chairs of the House special committee.

  • more explanation from the wall street journal

    Under the new plan, teachers would not earn tenure until they've been rated "proficient" or "excellent" by their principals for four years using the new evaluations.. Tenured teachers rated "ineffective" for two years could lose the job protection and revert back to probationary status. And the measure would streamline the firing process, making it easier to get rid of low-performing teachers. The plan also makes teacher performance

  • while we're waiting for more about the springfield hearing, some coverage of the auroro hearing from substance



  • jim broadway notes that reform opponents have introduced their own proposal:

    In their

  • help arrives from Peter Weitzel at the Institute for Legal, Legislative, and Policy Studies:

    Two groups live blogged the Senate ed reform hearing yesterday in Springfield. Check out yesterday

  • click here for the forum coverage:


    for the IL NEA coverage:

    i'm still trying to get the video unlocked and find more coverage in print, and the legislation and testimony.

  • peter from ILLPS says that some of the changes in the works include
    the creation of a task force to consider changes to IL Report Card.

    there's also a 2nd alternative to the performance bill, called "students count" from action now (who?)

    peter says that the general mood was annoyance at the house and an inclination to slow things down (like ISBE)

    anyone else?

  • looks like accessing the video is going to cost $75 bucks. if i sign up will you watch it, or is it not really worth it? let me know.

  • still no legislative language to look at, says rod estvan -- neither he nor anyone else knows if the bill's been changed since aurora.

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