Obama: Education Featured In State Of Union

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There wasn't anything unexpected but here's a mini-roundup of education coverage of the President's speech last night:  Obama issues call for education reform AP:  President Barack Obama is asking Congress to extend a $10,000 college tax credit and pay for thousands of new science and math teachers as part of a broad rewrite of the nation's education system.... Obama Sells Education Reform As A No-Brainer Huffington Post:  So far, Obama has followed through on 11 of his 48 education promises and made progress on 24, according to PolitiFact... Cut Waste or Invest? Try Both NYT:  President Obama wants to ensure investments that help the economy. The G.O.P. wants the government not to waste money. 


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  • President Obama's State of the Union speech can be read in its entirety by going to

    I think it is important for teachers and parents to actually read what the President said last night about education, because just listening to the speech or digesting summaries such as those Alexander has provided links to do not situate the President's thoughts on the issue appropriately. When one reads the speech it is striking that the President's comments on education were completely situated within the framework of global economic competition. Here is how the President began the education section of the State of the Union speech: "But if we want to win the future -

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