Money: Should Teachers Make More Than Everyone Else?


It might be easy to think that Illinois is the place where teachers are most directly under attack, considering the reform bill being pushed right now (hearing today in Springfield -- more on that later) -- but it's probably New Jersey where things have gotten most heated in what some are calling the "war on teachers."  As this New York Times article describes, the fighting between the governor (Chris Cristie) and the teachers union have burned hot and unabated for months now (Public Employee Unions Face Rising Public Anger).  Meanwhile, incoming New York governor Andrew Cuomo is proposing a pay freeze for public employees.Is this just personal or mere politics, or is it something deeper -- a budget crisis running headlong into teachers' (and other public employees') expectations? Does it make sense for public employees like teachers to make more (when all is said and done) than private sector workers with roughly the same levels of education, or should public employees make less given their relative job security etc.?  Check out the contentions video below. 


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  • The House Education Reform Committee hearing set for early this afternoon has been cancelled. More than this I do not know at this time.

    Rod Estvan

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