FWP: Lights Concern Parker Neighbors [upd]


"We appreciate the fact that Parker is entitled to make appropriate, legal use of its private property. But these lights (and the likely enhanced use of the field) are going to have a substantial impact on the park, the Conservatory and the Formal Gardens/fountain to the south, the Zoo, and the surrounding community."   UPDATE:  CNC weighs in, comparing the situation to what Latin did in Lincoln Park -- what do you think?  


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  • this post got a lot of reads but no comments -- surprising -- here's a link to the parker version of the field lights story, including why they need lights and how often they'll be used


  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    I'm surprised that you're surprised, Alexander. How many educators or CPS students live near Lincoln Park? Not many. Rich people problems...we should all be so lucky to have such woes.

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