Followup: Justice For Derrion Albert?

Another defendent in the Derrion Albert beating murder case has been convicted (here), this one named SIlvonus Shannon.  He says he doesn't remember stomping on Albert and notes that the tape doesn't actually show whether his feet touch Albert: "The tape don't show me landing on his head...I don't think I would try to purposely land on anyone's head."  But the jury wasn't convinced, and now it's on to additional defendants.  And yet, a WBEZ blogger wonders, Was justice served?  What do you think?  Are the  sentences too harsh, for too many people, or are they appropriate for the heinous crime that was committed?


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  • Unfortunately we'll be reading about another Derrion Albert with what's going on at South Shore HS. Ald. Harris promised the residents and students that the new school was for them but after this beautiful million + building was built, she reneged and the new South Shore school will become a selective enrollment school. So now the children at South Shore HS will have to attend schools in other districts and cross gang lines to get there, just like the students at Fenger HS.

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