Autism: Vaccine Research Was Fraudulent, Say Reporters

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For years now, schools have been having to deal with parents who don't want their kids vaccinated for fear of a connection to autism, and the situation has continued despite the fact that the research supporting the link was under fire from the start and last year finally withdrawn from the journal that published it. 

A team of journalists in Britain are now reporting that the vaccine-autism study in the Lancet wasn't just bad research but rather scientific fraud, the product of scientiststs paid to produce particular results (here).  

In the meantime, measles rates are going back up.  Via Slatest.


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  • I wrote a post on that topic here.

  • I feel bad for those kids whose parents chose not to vaccinate. I'm confused though. Why falsify this data?

  • Why does this information not surprise me? Because unethical, unconscionable behavior appears to be de rigor in fields where ethics and conscience should be paramount. Everything has a price it seems. How very sad.

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