AM News: Should CPS Do What Proviso Did?

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Proviso school board OKs administrative changes Tribune:  The
Proviso Township High School District 209 board Monday night approved a
major shuffling of administrators in an ongoing effort to reform schools that are plagued
with poor academic achievement rates...Blackshear may not be able to play in conclusion of Morgan Park-Bogan game Tribune: The
conclusion of the Morgan Park-Bogan game that was suspended Jan. 18
because of an on-court incident is scheduled for 4 p.m. Wednesday at
Bogan... Moment of silence revival a non-issue, area educators say State Journal Register:  The recent reinstatement of a law requiring a daily moment of silence
in public schools statewide is a non-issue, area school representatives
say...Teacher Accused Of Sex Abuse Attacked By Victim's Relative Huffington Post:The man, who is not being named to protect the identity of the
student, pushed Culver into his house and drew a pistol from his

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  • I used to live in Proviso's area, way back I lived in Forest Park for a year or two. Proviso's disfunction is wide and deep--the BoE, the pols, there's been mal and mis feasance of all sorts. Really, the principals are some of the better parts of the district.

    But there's a ceiling on how well Proviso can do. The attitude in Forest Park and Westchester, two parts of the township seems to be that if the parents have any interest in their children's education, the child will go to Catholic, or some other private school. Since housing prices aren't bad, that's just considered part of the cost of living there.

    So you have a whole lot of better students that are selecting themselves out of Proviso's pool. And this seems to be true for all ethnic groups present, it's based on educational aspirations, not race (although I'm sure with some families that plays a part).

    Now you have the Proviso Math and Science Academy (new just maybe 5 years or so old) that also draws students and families who may have more interest in education. Again, better students self-selecting.

    So Proviso is left with a lower scoring, less interested group of students to start with.

    They do, however, have a high graduation rate. Which, when compared to their test scores, implies that they are graduating many students without a good skill set for adult life.

  • chico endorses getting rid of the residency rule

    but emanuel is back on the ballot

  • from a reader: I was wondering if you have heard anything about Lakeview High School getting a STEM program?

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