AM News: Seven Charters To Get Second Chance

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Teen Convicted In Honor Student's Beating Death Weeps In Courtroom AP:  "The tape don't show me landing on his head," Shannon told Cook County Assistant State's Attorney Kathleen Bankhead. "I don't think I would try to purposely land on anyone's head."... UIC area wins new magnet school; questions of equity raised WBEZ:  CPS officials promised Smyth School would not be forgotten, even as the district adds another way for parents to avoid it... Movement to restore Chicago grade school recess Tribune:  CPS spokesman Frank Shuftan tells the Chicago Tribune 37 percent of the city's elementary schools have recess. He says a state mandate raises questions of time, scheduling, supervision and safety... Chicago forums set for charter school expansions Tribune: If all are approved by the CPS board Jan. 26, they would result in seven new charter campuses for the city... New charter schools to get vetted by public again Catalyst:  The only new charter school that won't be represented is one proposed by Christopher House, a social service agency that wants to serve children from birth through high school. 

In Detroit, A Fight Over Iconic School's Future NPR:  For 90 years, as many as 4,000 students at a time attended Cass Technical High School. But it was closed six years ago after a new school was built next-door and is perilously close to demolition...Officials plan to split low-performing Jordan High into 3 campuses:  All current employees will have to reapply for their jobs or work elsewhere... 

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  • I think Mr. Jefferson is not correct in stating that if the scores were at 100% the parents in Smyth's intake area wouldn't send their children there. I would hesitate to send my child to a school that has a 50% pass rate (and let's face it the what qualifies as pass is wayyyy low for actually being able to compete with others after graduation when it comes to getting into college and not needing remedial coursework). That 50% rate may be good given the population (segregated poverty) the school is dealing with, but it implies that the school is getting overwhelmed in serving every student.

    However, if they were serving that population and getting 100% pass rate? That's another story. Now my child could get exposed to socio-economic diversity and to ethnic diversity without losing any educational benefits that going to a good school would give her? She'd get a great education and the ability to put that she attended a diverse public school on her college application? That with a high ACT/SAT? Heck. That's the best of all worlds!

  • In reply to cermakRd:

    I think Mr. Jefferson is correct too.

    The question is how to get from point A (a failing Smyth) to point B (a good education for the Smyth students, no matter where that may be). I can see how Mr. Jefferson and other parents at Smyth view the solicitude to the University Village parents as unfair. However, I think that setting up a separate magnet school that local UV parents will support is a step in the right direction, even if it seems (and maybe is) unfair.

    I empathize with UV parents who pay a huge property tax bill each year but feel compelled to also pay private school tuition.

    I also empathize with Smyth parents who don't have that option and feel abandoned. But I do think creating a strong public school is not a bad thing for students at failing schools.

  • "Paying more in taxes doesn't mean you should get better city services."

    No argument there. My point is more that UV parents are paying a lot in property taxes and getting zero in the way of education for their kids.

  • And it's too far from the Loop for an easy walk.

  • things got a little heated at the doolittle session, according to the tribune,0,2968590.story

  • We had union activists at our school several times last week activating and drumming up support for teachers to attend the community forums. Could someone check the data that the union sent out the memo to all its members regarding the forums? I just wish that we could be truthful in our rhetoric.

  • Sorry for the typo. I meant "date" instead of "data".

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