AM News: Mazany Slams Testing (& Striking)


Mazany: Focus on accountability and testing has been excessive WBEZ:  "We've traded off our pursuit of excellence for the tyranny of accountability." [Mazany hinted he'd support controversial legislation in Springfield that would limit teachers' right to strike.]... Mazany outlines vision for Chicago schools Catalyst:  Mazany didn't mention any new programs, took a brief swipe at high-stakes accountability and called for a rigorous education and accelerated improvement in all schools, not just those that are struggling... New PAC May Counter Union Push in Election CNC:  Shortly after the Chicago News Cooperative attempted to reach Goldner on Monday, For a Better Chicago issued a news release announcing its formation and claiming that it has raised $1 million in donations. In the statement, Goldner said the group is in the process of deciding which candidates to endorse... Chicago Ranks Low On 'America's Most Literate Cities' List Huffington Post:  Actually, 2010 marks an improvement from previous years: the first rankings, in 2005, had us at a dismal 46th position -- even Virginia Beach beat us that year.

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  • Our students take a myriad of tests: Pre-ACT, ACT, Quarterly GAINS Test, Quarterly Scantron, PSAE, and various collaborative tests assigned by the Area. All these tests are expensive and take up valuable teaching time

  • Aside from Mr. Mazany's thoughtful comments about excessive testing, and the narrowing of the curriculm I came away from reading the reports from WBEZ and Catalyst with two different pictures of his stance on the proposed legislation from Stand for Children.

    WBEZ states "After his address, Mazany hinted he

  • The overall tax bill passed the general assembly, but schools are not getting their money from an increase in taxes on cigarettes, that bill failed. So Mr. Mazany is for sure in a hard place now for funds.

    Rod Estvan

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