AM News: Charter Forum Fun

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Burnett: 27th Ward charters need attendance boundary Catalyst:  Just as at Saturday's charter school forum, charter proponents formed
the majority of the crowd, but numbers were smaller. At least 50 parents
from UNO Charter Network showed up, as did smaller contingents from
Legal Prep and Noble Street Charter Schools. [ALSO:  CPS hearing draws charter school officials Tribune]... Keeping score Tribune:  More than 600,000 trees have been planted and 93 miles of landscaped medians have been built.

More than 7 million square feet of planted roofs... CPS school for pregnant teens to award diplomas for first time
WBEZ:  According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, back in
2008, 13 percent of births in Chicago were by teen mothers...The case for electing Chicago's school board WBEZ:  A coalition of Chicago groups wants
to change that arrangement. Jitu Brown is part of that group..Program uses journalism to expand students' perspectives Tribune:  The
national program, founded by former Los Angeles Times investigative
reporter Alan Miller, encourages critical thinking and helps middle- and
high school students discern credible media sources in the digital age.


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