AM News: Can Mosely-Braun Beat Emanuel?

And will her candidacy be good for schools?  


A Federal Lifeline for Hard-Pressed School Districts Chicago News Cooperative:  By Dec. 1, only about 20 percent of school districts had spent all their federal jobs money, according to Illinois State Board of Education reports... Davis says he is leaving Chicago mayoral race Associated Press:  U.S. Rep. Danny Davis withdrew from the Chicago mayor's race Friday, leaving former U.S. Sen. Carol Moseley Braun as the only remaining prominent black candidate in the campaign... Moseley Braun tours Meeks' church in show of African-American unity in Chicago mayoral contest Clout Street:  Former U.S. Sen. Carol Moseley Braun toured South Side churches today as she seeks to consolidate support after emerging this weekend as the consensus African-American candidate for Chicago mayor. Speaking to a packed...Braun: `I'm the Most Qualified for the Job' CNC:  Less than 24 hours after dropping out of the mayor's race, Congressman Danny K. Davis told hundreds of people attending the regular Saturday morning meeting of the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition on the South Side that "in unity there is strength'' and that there is nothing more important to him than using that unity and strength to elect former U. S. Sen. Carol Moseley Braun as "the next Mayor of the city of Chicago.''

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  • The real question is that now that the number of major candidates is down to a reasonable size, whether any journalist will ask the candidates what they will do about the schools. Other than saying whether they would get on or off the elected school board bandwagon, the only one who has said something is Chico, and it is only reported that he split with Daley, who appointed him to the Board of Education in the first place.

    Of course, that also raises the question I raised elsewhere on Chicago Now--whether blogging is journalism.

  • The earlier poster was referring to Mark Zuckerberg, Time Person of the Year. The comment about "most prosperous ethnic group..." was unfortunate, but not intended as an insult.

    Rahm will be the next mayor. Del Valle is a very smart man but a lackluster campaigner. Chico is capable but too connected to the old ways. Braun is simply a joke.

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