AM News: Annual IG Report Reveals Mis-Spending, Ignored Recommendations

NewsneonCPS funds were spent on bug sweeps, booze: report Sun Times:  Among other board expenses: †$92,900 worth of donations to not-for-profits on which Scott or a family member of Scott's at some point "served as a member of the board of directors... Inspector: Punish two principals Sun Times: The Chicago Schools Inspector General has recommended that Principal Joyce Kenner be banned for life from hand-picking kids for admission to Whitney Young Magnet High -- a punishment Kenner calls "ridiculous" and one officials have ignored for seven months, the Chicago Sun-Times has learned... More news below. Chico says he's raised $2.5 million for Chicago mayor's race:  Emanuel entered the campaign with about $1 million, which he was allowed to use from the campaign fund he had while a North Side congressman... Clout St: Braun won't release tax returns 'because I don't want to': Braun made the statement at a conclusion of a news conference she called on the controversial deal that turned over Chicago's parking meter deal to a private group in return for a one-time payout..Mayor Daley Welcomes Chicago Public Schools Students Back To Class After Winter Break: Mayor Richard M. Daley rang the ceremonial bell today to welcome children back to school after the winter break and praised students, parents, teachers and administrators along with many other partners for the hard work that has resulted in steady progress year-to-year by the students... State Legislature Tackles Pensions, Sexting, Blagojevich Portraits - La Grange, IL Patch: The law provides that a minor who electronically sends an indecent image of another minor can be brought into juvenile court for a proceeding to determine if they are a minor in need of supervision.

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  • Well it does seem clear that members of the CPS board believed they may have been under possible federal survaliance hence the attempt to discover who might be listening to them. Really, who else other than the feds could have the board believed were listening in?

    Moreover, one has to wonder if the swep was discussed in a closed session of the Board. Since CPS will not release the minutes of these meetings we do not know. Really this is all very disturbing, it hurts CPS and makes Chicago look very bad down in Springfield when we go asking for more money.

    Rod Estvan

  • from mazany:

    Statement by Interim CEO Terry Mazany on IG Findings

    The Office of the Inspector General is created by law and is charged with the duty to investigate allegations of fraud, waste and mismanagement in the Chicago Public Schools. We welcome the work of this office to help ensure that public funds are used appropriately and that our policies that are adhered to.

    These findings are serious and have prompted a thorough review of the District

  • emanuel wants to cut CO spending even further, down to 3 percent, and introduce a quarterly database of spending.

    some districts publish their entire check registers online, monthly, so that anyone can see what they're spending money on.

  • disney's mark gruntzel stole nearly $100K from the school because he was broke, says the sun times (via catalyst)

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