Video: Would Peer Review & Support Work Here?

What do you think about peer assistance and review, which supports beginning teachers and weeds out about eight percent of teachers each year?

Very few veteran teachers are referred to the program, however.  And fewer than 100 other districts have adopted the Toledo approach.  From last night's PBS NewsHour: School District Uses Unique Peer Evaluations to Grade Teachers


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  • Alexander asks "Would peer review and support work here?"

    Yes, I suspect that it would.

    If--as the media-driven opinion polls constantly tell us--there are too many "bad" teachers out there, then it is clear that Management (Principals and Central Office) have completely failed to weed out ineffective teachers.

    *After all, it is Principals (and not the Union) that hires teachers.

    *It is Principals that have 3 or 4 years to evaluate new teachers and recommend non-renewal BEFORE they achieve tenure.

    *It is Principals that fail to provide support for struggling teachers (and the children they teach).

    *It is Principals that direct already-insufficient resources to teachers based on patronage/politics rather than on need/merit that accelerates teacher burnout.

    In face of the District's utter and complete failure to recruit, hire, evaluate, and support talented teachers, some other entity must step up to the task.

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