Video: Making CPS Butter Cookies

More than 16,000 folks have viewed this video during the last year:
I'm assuming they're no longer offered but could be wrong.


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  • Cookies

    Do I remember those .Two of them were all you needed for lunch.
    Dipping them in a cup of coffee was a real treat.

  • Agreed about how hard lunchroom staff works and how poorly paid and treated. In the cruel system of turn-arounds, firing the lunchroom staff may be the cruelest, most incomprehensible element.

  • This recipe is fascinating to me because it contains neither eggs nor any kind of leavening or salt. Just butter, flour, sugar, and vanilla. Does anyone know where CPS got the recipe?

  • Menu

    Having been in only four high schools in my 41+year career this is no expert opinion.
    But here is my rundown on the best menu items from each school.
    CVS: super cookies.
    Bowen: Best raisin rolls in the realm.
    Simeon: My first exposure to Afro-American cuisine, have never tasted better
    corn bread in my life. The Baked Mack and cheese was a true epicurean delight.
    Bogan: The world

  • Upton come Home

    Well let me answer the last poster this way. Nobody made anyone eat the food that used
    To be prepared by the bakes, cooks, and lunchroom staff. We are only remembering the quality
    of past meals. Today that quality is not there. Have you ever looked at the food we get today?
    Frozen fried chicken from some place in Montana. Pizza as frozen as hard as a skating rink.
    Absolutely no imagination is tolerated in today

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