Update: New Details About Scott's Death

image from www.suntimes.comThe Sun Times is now reporting additional details surrounding the circumstances leading up to Michael Scott's suicide last year, including news of cancelled contracts, outstanding loans, and deals gone bad.  "About two weeks before Scott's suicide, a development company that had been paying him $10,000 a month "for consultation in regards to future projects involving the possible Olympic Games in Chicago" canceled his contract... Two downtown fast-food restaurants Scott co-owned -- part of a franchise called Salad Creations -- had gone out of business shortly before his death, and a third closed shortly thereafter, according to Phil Gershman, Scott's partner in those eateries... Lenders are now seeking a total of about $1.2 million from Scott's estate, probate records show."  All of this information was initially redacted in the report given to the Sun Times by CPD.  


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  • I found this story to be strange, why would the BGA contribute to a story that does not discuss even in passing Mr. Scott's business dealings at CPS as Board President. These issues were discussed in a Sun Times article written on Jan 31, 2010 by Chriss Fusco, Fran Spielman, Frank Main, and Tim Novak. Other issues of improper use of CPS credit cards by Mr, Scott were revealed by Tribune reporters Azam Ahmed, Todd Lighty, and David Heinzmann. CPS has never released to this day any report from its inspector General on these issues.

    Rod Estvan

  • I was wondering about this myself, actually. What is GreatWest and do they affect ING accounts? I know it says they do not in the letter, but then why send the letter. Whether it's credit card, mortgage bill, or paycheck, the dark side will get it's bigger piece of the pie.

  • WHy do you think the Mayor is not running for re-election?? Why did Hooterman leave abruptly?? Why is the Trib holding back on the story?? It ALL points to city hall and the private funders Mayor Daley solicited for the Olympics. Everyone knows we couldn't afford the Olympics and then all of a sudden there's this MAFIA money that Mr. Scott is suppose to funnel back to the city under the guise of community development. The Feds are after Mayor Daley, that's a known fact. And the longer he remained in city hall the more evidence/wiretapes/documents they were able to retrieve. So Daley took the famous approach, "Out of sight, Out of mind." If you really want to know the truth, ask any south side Alderman. Those business dealings that Mr. Scott was involved in came directly from city hall and the Daley MAFIA. WHat's taking Patrick Fitzgerald so long?? It you've arrested Blago BEFORE a crime was committed, why not Daley and his previous chef of staff.....Ronald Huberman?? Can't wait for Daley to be carted off to jail. Hopefully he'll get a single cell right next to George Ryan!!

  • Yep!!! I didn't want to be the one to say, but that's exactly what it is. A family friend who has close ties to Lisa Madigan's office is saying that Fitzgerald is dragging his feet because this would be the biggest government bust-up in US History. Bigger than Hoffa. From what I've been told, this city would literally crumble over night if Daley was ever indicted. Besides, Fitz would rather chase Blago and let the Daley situation go unnoticed

  • "LITERALLY" get a life or add something useful. People like you are my pet peeve......literally!!

  • Quoted by the NBC new chicago:
    "Scott's business dealings led residents to suspect that Mayor Daley's friends would profit the most from the proposed 2016 Olympic games, which of course Chicago failed to win."

    Scott was nice, but he was also a CROOK. The color of his skin had nothing to do with the greed in his wallet did. Scott looked the other way and pocketed, God knows how much, money from CPS and developers. In cases like this you don't commit suicide becuase the pressure is too much, you kill yourself because you are about to be exposed as a White Collar criminal. Daley picked the right one for the job, a weak minded individual who would be easy to get rid of. Remember, Scott spoke to someone from the mayor's office before he shot himself, this is a FACT. Phone records clearly showed that a lengthy conversation occurred between Scott and someone who's number is registered at 121 N La Salle St, Chicago, IL 60602- (312) 744-3300......the Mayor's Office. I wonder who it was??? Could it have been Daley himself?? In the meantime here's a list of criminal cowards. Scott was not the first nor will he be the last.

    Criminal Cowards who Commit Suicide
    Micheal Scott, CPS Board President
    J. Clifford Baxter, vice chairman of Enron Corp.
    Tim Davlin, mayor of SPringfield, IL
    Philip Pagano, Metra executive director
    Mark Madoff, co-conspirator PONSI scheme

  • some more thoughts and questions from klonsky (mike) about the scott-daley connection


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