Testing: Scandal Mars Hall's Tenure In ATL

Pl_brown_elevatorpitch_fAm I the only one who's confused and unconvinced about the wrongdoings alleged in this AJC article about cheating allegations in the Atlanta Public Schools?  I can't put my finger on exactly what's wrong here -- maybe it's just that the antipathy towards Beverly Hall (whom I've never met) jumps off the page so obviously, or that there's no real smoking gun that I can make out just a lot of allegations and innuendo. Maybe I'm just not ready to contemplate the collapse of the whole testing and accountability industry this close to the lunar eclipse.  I get the sense that APS wasn't judicious about its interactions with the blue ribbon commission and outside auditors assigned to investigate -- but that doesn't seem particularly nefarious to me.  What am I missing? [Cross-posted from TWIE.]


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  • I agree, AR, that it is difficult to get a read on Hall's culpability. On the other hand, it is refreshing to see a local paper digging deeply to get at the truth of a matter. The Sun Times and Trib could take a few lessons on education reporting from the AJC.

  • The pressure is on everywhere and this will have been the tip of the cheathing iceberg in coming years. Interesting article via Catalyst about the "burn and churn" of principals and how it is negatively affecting schools, and I would think promoting more cheating.


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