Quote: Duncan Remembers Becoming Head Of CPS

"I sort of thought I knew it, and when I got there I had no idea how big my learning curve was." -- Arne Duncan in the WSJ


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  • So when will Ron's moment of contrition be published?

  • On second thought, can we make a t-shirt out of this with Arne's face on it?

    Also, Arne's quote may help explain why Illinois failed to get "Race to the Top" money.

  • The turnaround legacy will continue and grow if Rahm has his way (according to this article):


  • In reply to QuietObserver:

    Rahm wants 35 turnarounds in his first term?? Scary dude.

  • And don't forget his educational experience that so many others like to cite: he was a student for 12 years in Grades 1-12 and an student athlete for four years coming out of Harvard with a BA in Sociology. Everyone who has been a student is qualified to lead massive education systems.

  • Sadly, you are right. I know many teachers who are methodically pursuing ways to get out of the profession, but even more common is that almost everyone I know is discouraging young people from going into the field. Teaching has become some kind of surreal nightmare that none of us veterans saw coming during all those years we loved and nurtured our students. My young colleagues are already trying to find ways out too -- not because of the kids, but because they thought they would get to use the creativity that allows us and our students to flourish. The PM script allows for no innovation or variation and it appears that it is only going to get worse. How can we be doing this to our kids?

  • As you say, you have no experience outside of AYP, NCLB, PM, so I understand you have no teaching environment to compare with your number-crunched, robotic, lock-step world. Just trust me, teachers were once trusted to teach and get results sans high stakes testing. It was wonderful. Load up a carful of kids and go on an impromtu field trip anyone? Just try it.

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