Pictures: Edgy Mural Too Close To Farragut High?

A helpful reader sent in this shot of a mural that's gone up about a block from Farragut on the side of Duarte's Carbureators at 3337-3339 W. Cermak Rd:3337.W.Cermak

"It depicts a Disney cartoon character smoking a cigar and pouring Etch Bath (the stuff used to vandalize often very expensive windows) and a bottle of cheap MD 20/20 liquor. Inspring stuff for local kids!" writes the sender.  "This wouldn't be allowed in my neighborhood or near my child's school, I wonder why it's allowed near Farragut?"


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  • I somehow think the children of Farragut will survive the exposure. The mural is on private property, so I don't think the city could remove it without a lawsuit, and really, is that mural the worst thing to which student of Farragut will be exposed?

  • Really? This is what we're getting worked up over? How many advertisements for liquor and cigarettes do you think there are in a 1/2 mile radius around ANY school? And what mysterious government agency is responsible for granting permission to make a mural such as this "allowed"?!?

    If you think this is the fight that needs to be fought to "inspire" kids, I sincerely hope you're no longer an educator. We've got bigger problems to deal with.

  • The mural is on private property and is not a visual as some of those towering bill boards located in other neighborhoods. But has anyone ever looked into the hotel/motel address of the 20+ known sexual offenders that live within walking distance of Curie High School?

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