Parents: Magnet Deadline Fast Approaching

One of the things that initially bothered folks about Chicago's income-based magnet admissions setup was that the data were old. Here's a NYT representation of the changes in home values in recent years for a part of the city -- all the tan and brown sections are places where the median home value has gone up 10,20, or more since 2000. 

Picture 65.png
You can do the same with your own neighborhood by going here. Anyway, CPS says that it's using updated information rather than the 2000 census data but I'd like to know more about that.  Are the data current and reliable down to the census tract level?  Meantime, you can read a good overview of the current formula here (WBEZ).  Oh, yeah, the deadline is coming up pretty fast, too.  


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  • I often wondered about that. I have often told others that it's not a true lottery unless everyone has a chance to enter it. And it did not seem likely that that would be the case when even well-educated people could not figure out this complicated system.

    CPS doesn't really want to break the cycle of poor education and poverty if they're not out there actively RECRUITING and HELPING poor, under-educated parents get their children into the lottery to begin with.

    That is why I believe magnet schools are completely homogeneous -- whether or NOT there is racial diversity.

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