Parents: Jackson Parents Protect Their Little Enclave

The latest from the Jackson-Smyth-Jefferson mess is that, hving failed to convince anyone that splitting Jackson up and sending younger or older kids to Jefferson would work, they're going to try and "clone" Jackson at Jefferson as they have tried to do with Disney and LaSalle.  Will it work?  I have no idea.  Sometimes the biggest opponents to change aren't teachers or unions or anyone else, just parents who've got theirs (a dynamic noted by none other than Bill Gates when talking about how hard it is to fix broken high schools when parents protect their little enclaves). I don't mean to be harsh, but...


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  • I worked at ACT Charter for the years when the school both physically and academically was falling down around the students. And the parents were so desperate and uninformed that they did everything they could to maintain the status quo. The administration, who were making six-figures (when you calculated their salaries for their part-time positions) had no motivation to change anything either. Consequently, they eventually had to pay the piper.

    Speaking of which, did CPS ever check into the ACT practice of giving out loans to staff with school money? And were those loans ever paid back?

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