Movies: Parents Race To "Race To Nowhere"

It's "Waiting For Superman" for the selective enrollment set -- and it's bringing in audiences from Winnetka to New Canaan.  And now it's in the New York Times, this little documentary called "Race To Nowhere," which laments the pressures and extremities of today's hothouse academic lives.  Have you seen it?  Is it any good?  


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  • The film in a way depicts the life of my own youngest daughter who graduated from Payton. She worked very, very, hard at that school as did her friends. In fact in some ways her work load as an agricultural economics major is easier at the University of Illinois Champaign than it was being a high school student at Payton.

    Was there a payoff - oh yes high ACT scores - and strong skills that prepared her for U of I and has given her strong GRE scores to get into a doctoral program. But Payton was a pressure cooker, just like the students in the film talked about. I never experienced anything like it when I went to high school.

    Rod Estvan

  • My oldest graduated from Payton and the younger is there now. Not a pressure cooker at all for both. Both are "A" students. College is harder.

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