Mazany: What's He Gonna Do?


Interim CPS head Terry Mazany has got a lot of things to learn and a lot of decisions to make -- closing schools and cutting budgets most immediate among them.  

Rosalind Rossi has some preliminary ideas about what he's going to do.  
The budget hole is $700 million.  Do you think that this year's going to be full of school closings and more layoffs, or is the worst of that behind us?  

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  • TPTB?

  • Five to seven Chicago Public elementary schools will be moved on for the next school year!

  • It has been rumored about an Area shake up. Some might be combined to reduce staffing. Does anyone have any information that can verify this?

  • The budget should pretty much be set. (By law, it takes effect July 1, but in rcent years it hasn't been approved until about 7 weeks laer.) And Mazany will have to set the priorities for that.

    Although the Board still gets another $400 million "holiday" from making payments into our pension fund, there will be a sharp drop in federal dollars and no EduJobs bill will pass the House. And the state will still be six months in arrears on its obligations.

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