Events: Reform Hearing In Springfield On Mon.

Word is that there's going to be a Senate version of the House hearing held last week, this time on the Senate side and in Springfield.  I'll try and get a witness list and agenda for you -- or pass one on if you've already seen it.  Meantime, the CTU and a handful of other groups (not including PURE) are  going on the offensive, calling for an elected school board for Chicago -- and an end to mayoral control.  See attached.  They've got a press conference scheduled for tomorrow.  

Education Groups Launch Campaign for a Representative, Elected Chicago School Board and Demand an End to Mayoral Control of Chicago Public Schools 

WHO: Jitu Brown (KOCO), Karen Lewis (Chicago Teachers Union), Margarite Jacobs (People for Community Recovery), Michelle Young (Action Now), Rico Gutstein (Teachers for Social Justice), CPS youth and parent representatives


WHAT: Press Conference
WHEN: December 29, 2010 at 10:30 a.m.
WHERE: Thompson Center lobby, 100 W. Randolph Street Chicago, IL 60601
    WHY: The above groups, joined by teachers, students, parents and others directly impacted by Chicago education policy, launch a campaign today demanding an end to the 15-years of mayoral control of Chicago Public Schools and the mayor's appointed Board of Education comprised solely of business interests.  This coalition will present a framework for establishing a representative, elected school board comprised of parents, students, teachers, community groups and education research experts charged to form education policy based on proven educational research, and conduct its business in a transparent manner accessible to all Chicago citizens.


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  • here's an email being sent out by the national union, the AFT, urging folks to weigh in against the proposed legislation:

    Sign the petition to put Illinois Kids First

    The Illinois General Assembly is currently considering rushing through a radical new law that will eliminate educational employees rights to negotiate a contract and have a fair dismissal process.

    Tell the Illinois General Assembly to work together with parents and teachers before passing new laws that affect our children and our schools.

    Sign the Illinois Kids First petition.

    As you know, parents, teachers and education professionals want the very best for their kids. Together, we can create learning environments where excellence not only is demanded but also is achieved, where young minds are nurtured and goals surpassed. So, who better to be a part of shaping policies to improve Illinois schools?

    But some out-of-state special interest groups are trying to silence Illinois parents and teachers and are encouraging the General Assembly to rush through a radical new law.

    Sign the Illinois Kids First online petition today and tell our elected officials that progress can

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    By naming it the "Illinois Kids First" petition, and saying that "teachers and education professionals want the very best for their kids" the IFT initially proves that it is engaged in fraud. I've mentioned elsewhere on Chicago Now that the first thing that needs to be done is make strikes by public employees illegal. It works in New York.

  • Is Anonymous #1 a teacher?

  • OverviewThis proposal outlines an elected school board structure based on the local school council model so that parent, teacher and community voice is represented. It also attempts to achieve geographic balance, and the wealth of academic and technical expertise within our school system. Total Number of Seats - 13South Side parent and community3West Side parent and community2North Side parent and community2Teachers2Administrator1Academic1Paraprofessional/School Staff1Business1Terms of ServiceAll school boards in Illinois except Chicago Board of Education are elected and most have four-yearterms. Elections are proposed to be held on the first Tuesday in April. Public AccessIn a true democracy, the public must have reasonable access to the officials who set policy for public institutions in order to lend their voice to the decision-making process. School board meetings must be held at an hour and location where the public can participate. To that end, during the school year, four (4) board meetings will be held at the Chicago Public Schools headquarters, 125 S. Clark at 10:30 a.m.and five (5) board meetings will be held at alternating schools in the community at 6 p.m.Youth InvolvementWe are proposing an active, youth advisory board to the Chicago Board of Education. This youth advisory board would meet monthly and make recommendations to the CBOE, providing the Board with valuable youth input and an opportunity for young people to learn how to serve on a board and betterunderstand education policy.

  • the trib's tara malone covers the press conference here -- seems pretty straightforward what ctu and jackson potter are asking for --

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    I heard it described on Chicago Tonight. It sounded to me like the inmates running the asylum, especially when Karen Lewis stood up.

    Democracy may be a good thing, but it doesn't seem to work with regard to electing judges or commissioners of the MWRD. I can see the point that appointments should be limited to persons with an educational background, but also remember that the Metropolitan Transit Authority Act says that CTA board members are to be "persons of recognized business ability," but Daley and Quinn have thrown that qualification out the window.

    In any event, you have to wonder what real authority any board has given the one-man politics exercised in this area.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    folks on the right aren't satisfied that the madigan proposal goes far enough, you might be interested to note -- here's a suggestion that the proposal should include the "parent trigger" being tried in california

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    jim broadway explains how madigan will get republicans to support his tax increase / spending cuts package using the prisoner's dilemma

  • "This may be a teacher who lost their job because of the way they write."

    Unless you are British and use the term "them" as a gender neutral way of referring to your sexual partner, you have a serious problem with singular/plural agreement, too.

  • The spammers from Lagos seem to have a better grip on the English language.

    "Do you believe that the fact that I was born in the City of Lagos could effect..."

    This is the second post I have seen on Chicago Now today, where the distinction between affect and effect was abused.

    Next time post in Albanian, and few will criticize you. By the way, it does appear from your response that your are a Chicago teacher. What subject? German spelling?

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