Events: Jam-Packed Thursday [Updated]

Lots to do on Thursday, if you're free and interested. First, check out the Latino Policy Forum morning event: Dr. James Heckman, Nobel Laureate economist from the University of Chicago and author of the "Heckman Equation," will speak on investment in early childhood education, especially for at-risk children, as a means to tackle our economic woes. The lecture is set for this Thursday, 12/16 at 9am at the Spertus Institute for Jewish Studies (610 S. Michigan). Details here.  Then head on out to Aurora for a hearing (circus?) by the House of Representatives Special Committee on Education Reform

• When: Thursday, December 16th from 1pm-4pm & Friday, December 17th from 10am-1pm

• Where: Illinois Math & Science Academy, 1500 Sullivan Rd, Aurora, IL

• Read about it here. Read about some of the legislation being proposed here (PDF). Or sign up to go if you're supportive of the pro-reform agenda. Read the "confidential draft" here (PDF) thanks to State School News. UPDATE:  More news coverage catching up on the story: Should teachers be allowed to strike? WBEZ An Illinois House subcommittee takes up teacher evaluations WBEZ Illinois lawmakers considering plan to limit tenure, strike rights Catalyst


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  • Thanks Alexander for posting the confidential draft legislation. I am digesting it now and initially would say that Access Living would lobby to oppose the school report card provisions would such a bill be introduced. I have not yet studied the rest of the draft bill.

    I will be in Aurora for the hearing on both days.

    Rod Estvan

  • Just read the "Confidential Draft" for the proposed legislation. Had to grimly chuckle when I saw on pages 3-4 that they had struck out their own idea of a remediation plan and went straight for teacher termination. Amazing read. Clearly when Madigan wants a thing to happen, it happens.

  • update -- three more news stories about the proposed legislation"

  • Not really

    Dear anonymous 9:39

    These appointments are and have been going on for two years already.
    I know of one case where a NFG was given two IB and Two AP classes
    Without one second of educational experience. The sad part of this is how
    Do you tell this kid to savor the moment because it is the height of his career.

  • the aurora event is going to be covered by jim broadway -- am still trying to figure out if it's being videotaped, livestreamed, or anything else.

  • how to watch the hearings today and tomorrow:

    watch it live -- for $75

    catch up on the hearing, hour by hour, in the web archive here -- for free

  • one interesting view about how madigan and the teachers union ended up on opposite sides of school reform issues coming out of the recent elections

    seems plausible but others may know better

  • Merit pay

    One truth I have learned in my 41+years in CPS is this. Never Ever trust the Board of Education.
    This principle has guided my every action. Why should I trust them to administer merit pay fairly?
    The example I gave this morning is a true story, however, it is not the full story. At the same time the
    FNG from a teacher mill was given two IB classes and Two AP classes a teacher with thirdly years
    Experience got their program. Five regular classes, one whopper with thirdly two kids, seventeen
    Of whom had IEP

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