Campaign '11: Teacher Residency Views Left Out Of Rahm Plan

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I thought we already knew the Emanuel plan, but I guess it was time to lay it out again.  Emanuel Announces Education Plans, Gery Chico Responds:  Sunday, he unveiled his plans for improving education in Chicago, includind giving principals more power over their individual schools, doubling the number of teacher training academies and getting parents more involved... Rahm: Make parents vow to help Tribune:  Parents also would get report cards monitoring school performance but would have to sign contracts guaranteeing involvement in their children's education... Rahm Emanuel paperwork complicates questions Tribune:  Mayoral candidate Gery Chico, the former president of the Chicago Board of Education, called Emanuel's plan "as light as cotton candy ... (it) contains few details and little substance." What do you think? Anyone see anything to like in there?  I'm having a hard time getting enthused, but I'd be happy to be wrong. You can read the whole speech here (Emanuel remarks).


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  • I want to begin by commending Mr. Emanuel for so distinctly presenting his perspectives for the future of the Chicago Public Schools on Sunday at Bethune School. I also read the Sun Times review of Mr. Emanuel's speech reporting on criticisms made by City Clerk Miguel Del Valle, Gery Chico, and Karen Lewis from the CTU. It would be very helpful for voters to see a comparable public presentation by Mr. Del Valle and Chico.

    Here are my concerns with Mr. Emanuel's presentation:

    1. He states "The CPS budget faces a deficit of hundreds of millions of dollars. Chicagoans who are struggling in this economy simply cannot tolerate higher property taxes. So we have to set priorities, make some tough decisions, and focus on the fundamentals." Well the first not tough decision Mr. Emanuel made was not to raise property taxes even though the City of Chicago's current rate according to Cook County Clerk David Orr

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    Tomorrow night at 7:00pm the candidates (but not Mr. Emanuel) will be discussing education. Here is a link to the webcast for the event:

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    pure's julie w takes aim at the emanuel education plan and in particular his endorsement of the parent trigger --

    strange since pure is so in favor of direct democracy

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    meeks on vouchers

  • In reply to Rodestvan:

    klonsky on what was like at the forum --

  • what's the difference between PURE's definition of "actual democratic rules" and the parent trigger? both let individuals with a stake in the schools vote directly. both are EASILY manipulable by outside groups, be they nefarious business people or do-good activists. i'd argue that PURE has influenced more votes than the parent revolution could ever dream of achieving.

  • Really, as the teacher of your child, I would like you to sign a contract with ME that you will 1) always provide a working phone number; 2) buy school supplies for your child; 3) show up to scheduled meetings instead of wasting my time; 4) return my phone calls when I contact you about your child; 5) treat me like a professional instead of your babysitter; AND FINALLY--take responsibility for your your own kid! I am not his mommy. You need to make sure he does his homework every night. You need to teach him proper manners. You need to read to him every night and "model" (your revolting phrase, not mine) the importance of education to your child.

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