AM News: Only Del Valle & Davis Support Elected Board


Mayoral candidates split on elected Chicago school board idea Clout Street:  Three candidates (Emanuel, CMB, Chico] each said they are opposed to the idea and argued it could further politicize public education in Chicago...District's financial records sought Tribune:  Prosecutors seek financial records from West Harvey-Dixmoor district, 4 years after state audit forced repayments.  Prosecutors are seeking information from West Harvey-Dixmoor district, four years after a state audit forced repayments of misspent money... Battleground: Illinois EdWeek:  Lawmakers are likely to seek a lot of changes to the proposal, said Eddy, who says he wants unions involved in that process. But he acknowledges that the piece of the measure that would change rules on strikes is likely to cause the biggest furor. While the lawmaker said he hasn't committed to the proposal's language on that topic, he also says unions' current powers to strike in Illinois are overly broad... Census could fuel case for new Latino Congressional districtA U.S. Census estimate for 2009 suggests the number of Latinos in the state grew by almost 440,000 over the last decade. Census figures coming out early next year are expected to show those residents concentrated in the Chicago area.

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  • The leader of the CPS needs a bold vision, staying power, and the tools to get the job done. Raise your hand if you think a committee would exhibit these traits. An elected Board would be a disaster.

  • You mean, as one of 600 schools?

    If you think about it, a monthly Board meeting that devoted one minute to each school--and nothing else--would last 10 hours. And no one would remember one particular school from any of the other schools mentioned.

    Perhaps the LSC meetings would be a better place for the parents of a school to "be heard."

  • davis is out, leaving del valle as the only one supporting this.

    no surprise, the trib editorial page comes out against an elected board.,0,1786850.story

  • haven't listened to it yet but found it thanks to helpful folks at the board

    first to listen and say something interesting about what they hear wins a million internets (and thanks(


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